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  1. I'm now an FA. I consider myself a decent player with good knowledge of how to play the game. I have scrimmed some of the top EU teams and have taken games off of them. Hmu if you're interested. GT: JMarshyy
  2. Literally looking for a player who knows what he is doing, has a decent shot and is able to take criticism in order to make the team better. Either message me on here or msg my GT: MarshytheGOAT
  3. Yo if you are from the EU add my GT(Same as my username) and we can try and run some games.
  4. Looking for two EU halo players to grind Halo with and compete in online tournaments and LAN events. Our main aim is to compete for a spot in the HCS pro league, so we want good players with good ingame knowledge, good communication and good gunskill. You must be from the EU, have Skype (My Mic recently broke) and overall be a nice person who is willing to take criticism. Message me on here or my Gamertag (Same as my username).
  5. Yo hit me up if you're still looking for a team. Message me on twitter @Jake_Marshyy or on Xbox at MarshytheGOAT
  6. Any teams willing to run games message me on here, on twitter @Jake_Marshyy or on Xbox @ MarshytheGOAT
  7. If you are still looking for players lemme know. My gamertag is MarshytheGOAT. MSG me on there or on here
  8. Hey i have recently been dropped from a team and i am currently looking for 3 players. If you are interested message me on here, Twitter @AH_Marshy or on Xbox. My gamertag is MarshytheGOAT
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