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  1. It looks promising to me. I just wish we got to see a 4v4 match with pros playing to at least get a sense on what the meta would be like regarding movement, shooting, and literally everything else lol. Seems like every clip they showed was some unrealistic play that most people would get punished for going for. You could tell the theme they had was to HYPE the fk outta multiplayer by showing off crazy situations only.
  2. Wonder if we'll be seeing any multiplayer anytime soon now. Also, hopefully it's not a full year delay.
  3. Sprint doesn't really look too fast on this one. Hard to tell how punishable it is until the multiplayer reveal tho
  4. Here's a clip to show how messed up the spawn system is on MCC H3. Keep in mind, the opponent was four dead as I was spawning. https://gameclips.io/OnAllDrugs/1b8e8cd9-512b-4af8-92d8-45b76e415d4d
  5. Yea idk man just tossing it out there. I’ve always had fun on that map so I figured there could be some potential.
  6. Is Powerhouse Koth not a good pick? I don’t know anything about how it would play but seems like it could be fun if set up right.
  7. KBM not working well has me wondering if MCC PC is coming out this year. By the time it's out, Infinite might be on the horizon and I hope that doesn't impact the player base for MCC PC. If it actually comes out that late, maybe it'll be free to play because it should be to expose more ppl to halo for Infinite.
  8. Fun fact, there will be 7 COD games released (if 2020 COD comes out before Infinite) between H5 and Infinite 😂😭
  9. First H3 event win for Gilkey, Gabriel, RyaNoob and Goofy right?
  10. Still should be tested first before separating the community. Plus you gotta think that sweaty halo controller players will be more common even if crossplat is on since console has been halo’s legacy, people just like what they’re used to a lot.
  11. I think having them both together at first should at least be tested. If it’s a matter of choice to use kbm or controller then it’s kind of fair outside computers running the game better. Think about how Fortnite is, they let the players choose. And there are some great controller players that have done well in tournies like Ghost Aden and Nickmercs vs kbm pros. Not to mention building is waaaaaay op on that game with keybinds.
  12. Wasn't reach supposed to be out for testing this month?
  13. Who wants to bet that mcc reach somehow comes out after Halo Infinite?
  14. It'd be sick to see frosty, eco, bubu and shottzy try to team.
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