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  1. First H3 event win for Gilkey, Gabriel, RyaNoob and Goofy right?
  2. Still should be tested first before separating the community. Plus you gotta think that sweaty halo controller players will be more common even if crossplat is on since console has been halo’s legacy, people just like what they’re used to a lot.
  3. I think having them both together at first should at least be tested. If it’s a matter of choice to use kbm or controller then it’s kind of fair outside computers running the game better. Think about how Fortnite is, they let the players choose. And there are some great controller players that have done well in tournies like Ghost Aden and Nickmercs vs kbm pros. Not to mention building is waaaaaay op on that game with keybinds.
  4. Wasn't reach supposed to be out for testing this month?
  5. Who wants to bet that mcc reach somehow comes out after Halo Infinite?
  6. It'd be sick to see frosty, eco, bubu and shottzy try to team.
  7. Gab, Fantasy, Trippey and Penguin perhaps? That team might turn some heads.
  8. Thing is, 2v2 and 4v4 are played on the same general maps, whereas BTB has their own big maps and that slows the gameplay down to not take as much skill. 4s takes an extra layer of awareness verse 2v2 in all halo games outside of halo 1. More players to track on smaller maps means you have to know how far you can go without getting melted, how to communicate more effectively and concisely (small talk) and you have to master rotating within all of this with 4 players on the same page. Another reason why 2s is easier in all the other halo games outside of halo 1 is because the spawn system is very predictable and easy to follow. All 2s is, is slayer meaning that all you have to do is slay the opponent, block a couple spawns and you have a general idea where the opponent is, and that's it... you really don't have to have too much awareness to do this. Whereas in halo 1 the spawn system in 2v2 is a big part of the skill gap since you have the ability to force random spawns or specific spawns, this is a major reason why 2v2 in h1 is more skillful than 4s, since you can't realistically force randoms in h1 4s. Basically, 2v2 H1 is probably the most skillful halo ever due to the spawn system manipulation available, whereas in other halos, the spawn system becomes more simplified and the 2v2 skill gap lowers compared to that of 4s since you don't have to manage as many skills effectively.
  9. I personally enjoy every type of ranked experience even the "idiotic garbage like SWAT and Snipers." You'd be surprised how fun even those play at high levels. The problem with putting those into the custom browser would be the death of the ranked communities for them. I don't understand why a tournament playlist can't just have its own hopper to be in. Something where you select between Social, Ranked and Tournament hoppers. People will know what matters and what doesn't yo. Not to mention, ranked slayer is consistently more populated than normal competitive stuff soooo idk if it's worth it to launch with just one playlist. Just look at the halo community, the competitive side is legit small af.
  10. Yea they play League of Legends and CSGO now. A lot of people sill talk about how fun it was to go for level 50, even pros. I don't see what the problem is with keeping that for the people that want to go for a 50 in unique gametype. I think you're forgetting that there are communities for literally every single playlist. Like there are swat kids, sniper kids, doubles kids, ffa kids. And certain people only like those types of gametypes, seems unfair to just rip it from them completely. People in the community know that the competitive playlist is the real deal anyways.
  11. They could use 1-50 for the casual stuff and then use a division system for the actual ranked playlist. I have a lot of friends that like to reminisce about "going for the 50" and it's a good gateway for players to then jump into the real ranked experience afterwards.
  12. Maybe for halo 1 yea. But in the other halo games, 4s is pretty much considered more skillful since you're tracking so many players. Probably because the individual skill gap is low in all the games after halo 1 so the teamwork skill gap is what sets ppl apart.
  13. I kinda like the idea but I also like playing the casual stuff too when it's ranked. Perhaps they could only allow the highest rank (champion) to only be allowed to the competitive playlist players but meanwhile they could still have an uncapped mmr for the other playlists too. This way the champion rank is only available to the players in the actual competitive playlist. So if you were number 1 in team doubles or something, you'd just be an onyx with the highest mmr for example, since champion is only for the competitive playlist. Also a separate duo/solo que playlist for competitive would be a very nice addition. If you think about League of Legends, when people brag about their rank, they're talking about solo and duo que, it'd be cool if halo had this.

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