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  1. Quad damage sounds like Supers in Destiny. The best strategy is to run, such a broken annoying thing to adapt to.
  2. I like how there was deep talk about the spawn system and strategies a couple pages ago on halo 1. Didn't the halo forums way back in the day primarily focus on discussions and tricks with the meta of halo? I wish I was around back then to see that type of discussion more often, now it's like all memes and complaints on how shitty halo is lol.
  3. Meanwhile on the new update... https://xboxclips.com/LowGi/b9f97dfc-a0ca-4933-afbb-7a2b2f595831
  4. For anyone curious about the full top 8 for G4G: 1st: Therapy Works - LxthuL, Snip3down, aPG, Ace 2nd: Lux Gaming - Gilkey, Cloud, Bubu Dubu, Demon D 3rd: GMS 2 - Gabriel, Goofy, Tusk, MasterFear 4th: Elevate - TriPPPeY, Penguin, Guntype, Zurka 5th/6th: Mazer Gaming - Snakey, Jimbo, Flamez, Hollers 5th/6th: Nfinite - RyaNoob, Scarvayne, Pilez, ThuggishKilla 7th/8th: WoS - Rayne, Filthy G, Wanwerd, Omega 7th/8th: NTice Esports - Levy XXI, Tragic, Wintur, Klepto source: https://challonge.com/GFG2019
  5. It'll be interesting to see if crossplat does come with MCC PC. I wonder if that means MCC on console will get keyboard and mouse support to make the grounds as fair as possible. Annnnd if we do get it on PC, the potential option to play 144hz sounds like a dream that's too good to be true.
  6. Just got hit offline in the hardcore doubles playlist... on Christmas
  7. How to do Gold 1 to Gold 2 on MCC everytime (no crouching involve): https://xboxclips.com/LowGi/fa0e392b-5901-4c93-a572-2b4a24bdc3c4
  8. How many good teams are formed outside of GMS, Flame's team and Roy and Lunch's (no idea who their 3rd/4th are)?
  9. I mainly just mean that this upcoming StL tourney might be the start of something bigger in terms of events for h3 if it does really well. But first we gotta know the tournament support the game will get. Maybe this will be similar to the story of melee, people thought it would stop being played due to new smash titles coming out but once the tourney support for the game became known it remained being played, even to this day.
  10. Maybe Master Chief Collection is our Super Smash Brothers Melee. The smash community still plays it competitively at big tourneys and it's been out since 2001.
  11. Welp, there goes an important tool for practicing. Gotta rely on customs now, rip.
  12. We about to have some weird rosters for these mcc h3 tournies, a mix of new and old.

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