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  1. Hope you enjoy the video. Please give me as much feedback as possible, negative or positive Vorpal Talon: "Light as a feather when wielded with unrestrained malice. Advanced Energy Sword that provides additional thruster hangtime and two thruster evades per cooldown." Showcase: My Showcases thread was getting clogged and i didnt know how to delete videos to make it easier to view so i made this single thread. It will probably be might last thread on Beyond, unless i start streaming and would like to get tips to help etc. Thanks guys!
  2. I might make a separate thread soon... Nevertheless The SPNKr EM Showcase: Excuse the crappy font for the thumbnail. Tried to get all colours in but fluffed it
  3. plus the weapons i did back then were below average weapons now days im doing the showcases that havent been done like the pool of radiance etc
  4. okay interesting i might just do that then cheers man!
  5. The Answer Showcase: all in 60fps 1080p
  6. I've done about an extra 20 showcases since this one but ill only post a few here maybe every so day not to clog up the forum.
  7. Here are the next two showcases and currently the ravening silver is in the process Enjoy More coming soon
  8. Gamertag: FootedGhost15 Custom Game: Jenga Tower Region: Australia I will be recording on youtube so if youre okay with that then that would be great! Ill be recording in 4 days from now just to get everything ready please message me on xbox live and ill get back to you immediately when i go online!
  9. i literally just found out about the machine gun glitch in grifball only for it to be already patched
  10. i managed to get over 70 kills last night playing and i did your methods and it seemed to work well!
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