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  1. Also I didn't say society and morality arose because of Christianity. I said it had a major influence on our society today. Meaning modern society. The western world has been Christian for over a thousand years. To say that it had no influence on where we are today is intellectually dishonest.
  2. I am not talking about psychology when I talk about biology. Gender is not a biological term. It is a social term. Sex is a biological term. Which doesn't bring it to account the mental state of a person and what they believe. My issue more so comes from the fact that they deny that are evolution and the biological changes don't have an influence on human behavior including theirs. This is considering the fact that statistically speaking people who identify as another gender or are homosexuals had rough childhoods. There is a ton data on this sort of stuff. For example: A girl without of father is more likely to mature at a younger age than one with a father actively in their life. Though I have no evidence for it I look at gender identification and etc. as a sort of biological defense to a tough environment as a child. As we are a product of are environment. As for the scientific method. I think it is an incredibly useful tool. I just think people need to be careful they don't jump the gun on something being the only possible answer. I hope this helps you understand what I meant a bit better.
  3. Science is great and very useful but anything achieved through the scientific method can theoretically get fucked by the Raven's Paradox. As for Religion, you can hate all you want on it and is' more fanatical believers but our society achieved what it did because of the morality and the pursuit of truth that Christianity promotes. Some of the greatest scientific minds of all time were religious. My biggest issue with post-modernism(Modern liberalism which is not even liberalism) is that many deny biology in order to believe what they believe. Which just comes off as hypocritical when they bash religion.
  4. That guy has been working on that gametype really hard. If anybody here plays it and has complaints he would deeply appreciate the feedback.
  5. Yeah that is probably the best I have seen Jake play. I kind of think once the Mercy meta is gone he will start struggling because the guy already takes so many resources up and dies first a lot. Also, it is really weird they have been awful on defense because that had always been one of Envy's strengths it probably has a lot to do with the new players they added.
  6. One thing I think Dallas learned is that without Taimou in the line up Effect gets no where near as much space to work with. Even if Taimou has been a little meh outside of his roadhog lately, teams still give him a lot of respect for his ability to pop off at any time. From what I have heard the coach of Dallas is using the early part of the season to experiment and most likely to see what other teams will do to counter their counter dive style. It is a long season and it sounds like they are playing it like that.
  7. Yeah, it is going to be an interesting day in Washington.
  8. Accusations of racism the same day he honors MLK. Only Trump.
  9. If anybody needs a flex in the high plat/ low diamond area on xbox. GT: purely fat I often get forced into a dps role with my support buddy because I have strong target priority and positioning my aim is meh... I can play all the tanks and every support except for mercy and lucio.
  10. If you do PVP as well. Because you can take advantage of the menu weapon switching meta in pvp alot easier.
  11. Yeah a million plus new jobs and the stock market on the rise. He is definitely doing a shit job.
  12. Fun fact: People that grow up in in a single mother house hold are more likely to commit a crime. Yet we have welfare programs that promote women being single and having lots of children. They also promote people living in extreme poverty but we don't need to fix this shit we just need to add more layers onto it. It can't be the current state of welfare in the United States' fault could it. They give way too much incentive to get out of poverty.

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