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  1. That guy has been working on that gametype really hard. If anybody here plays it and has complaints he would deeply appreciate the feedback.
  2. Yeah that is probably the best I have seen Jake play. I kind of think once the Mercy meta is gone he will start struggling because the guy already takes so many resources up and dies first a lot. Also, it is really weird they have been awful on defense because that had always been one of Envy's strengths it probably has a lot to do with the new players they added.
  3. One thing I think Dallas learned is that without Taimou in the line up Effect gets no where near as much space to work with. Even if Taimou has been a little meh outside of his roadhog lately, teams still give him a lot of respect for his ability to pop off at any time. From what I have heard the coach of Dallas is using the early part of the season to experiment and most likely to see what other teams will do to counter their counter dive style. It is a long season and it sounds like they are playing it like that.
  4. If anybody needs a flex in the high plat/ low diamond area on xbox. GT: purely fat I often get forced into a dps role with my support buddy because I have strong target priority and positioning my aim is meh... I can play all the tanks and every support except for mercy and lucio.
  5. If you do PVP as well. Because you can take advantage of the menu weapon switching meta in pvp alot easier.
  6. Yeah it is also kind of bullshit that C9 has a ton talent locked up that can't compete in season 1 because of large contract buyouts.
  7. To add to this C9 just aquired Kongdoo Panthera.
  8. I think he was referring to the Custom Power-Up MLG used in Halo 3.
  9. You mean Hazard. Hangar doesn't have a caster. It has Snipe and Hydra.
  10. I know in the future we are going to push harder to have a different standard for 2v2 than 4v4. Optic was actually a step in the right direction because they did demand as many changes. They allowed the power ups to stay on pads. I am honestly really happy with the response the map has gotten. There has been a lot of good and bad responses and hopefully because of this forgers can define what should be in the 2v2 sandbox a bit more.
  11. All the maps were made before the update and were never given a chance to test different shit also. They changed the timers on the hydra so they spawn much faster than anyone who made a map wants them to. That is 343 for you. Trying to shoe horn something that was not intended when the weapon was placed. They respawn 10 seconds after its dropped rather than the 60 myself and others had them set at.
  12. This is just a personal experiment of mine to create movement. I honestly expected 343 would change the majority of the ammo counts but all they did was make the hydra spawn really fast. Also, whoever found the spawn trap. Thank you, until this point it was one of the only maps without a know spawn trap. It has some bad spawns but that is the game itself. This is the most feedback I have ever gotten on a map. I really appreciate it.
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