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  1. Thanks Ray. BTW Team Arena just got updated with BR/Gunfighter starts, Ability Tracker radar and different map/weapon layouts. Also, FYI - these aren't the tuning versions of the weapons. These are the default weapons as is today so we can get baseline data to measure against. Retuned weapons drop next week.
  2. Good idea. I'll be lurking/engaging on the Waypoint thread for sure. I can start one here too or should someone else do that? Open to either approach.
  3. Good question. I'd like to look at retuning the Sniper Rifle a bit but for this go around there were just a bunch of bigger fish to fry.
  4. Yes. Great article on ESPN that was, in my opinion, maybe a bit premature. It was referring to the process we went through after HWC 2016 where we talked with pros via calls, did some map changes, etc. Basically the same process that we've done after every major season. Subsequent offseason changes have had mixed results with some successes like the competitive radar and some learnings like Stasis CTF. But to elaborate on why I think that article was a bit premature is that it was our first time going through that process. We've learned a ton since then. I've learned a ton. Everything I said in that article is still what I believe in and I think you could ask the players and they would agree that the process has improved since then. That make sense?
  5. Stop trying to have fun with such a grave, world ending scenario dude. This is life and death.
  6. I do try and keep up on here as much as I can. I've said multiple times that this thread in particular is the best place for me to engage as a fan of competitive Halo with other fans. I like coming here. You already know that though and I like what you do for this community. So I don't understand the attempted dagger you threw with this post. Also, I wanted to give Hecz the benefit of the doubt and see what his opinion was. He could have been upset about something that none of us are privy to. Just tried to reach out and like I said in my previous post, Twitter was a bad call.
  7. So maybe I put my foot in my mouth a bit when it came to that tweet. But I asked him a question because I'm geniuinely curious about his statement and why that's his opinion. Was just trying to get clarification but in hindsight, Twitter isn't the best place to do that. I made a mistake and took the bait. Please don't take my mistake and turn into a rallying cry why competitive Halo is not being supported. I'm just a game designer on a team of many talented people.
  8. I'll be there. Thanks for finding a spot.
  9. I'd like to see it Ray. Send it over to Dr. Menke and we'll check it out.
  10. Did you guys have the same feeling in Team Arena prior to the playlist split?
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