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  1. Thought so. The impact it had felt so extreme to what I had been accustomed to in the past. We still won our matches but it was kind of wild feeling entirely helpless during those phases of the matches.
  2. Is sniping on H3 with mkb considerably easier? I've seen a lot of complaints in the past about mkb being at a disadvantage in the MCC but last night we played against someone and they literally did not miss with their snipe. I've played thousands and thousands of H3 matches, and I never felt like... "holy shit, I literally can't poke out because I will get domed within a seconds notice." Then.. two matches later, entirely different person. Doming every single shot. Maybe I crossed paths with two legends within the span of 3 games.. but even back in Reach I wasn't entirely scared of getting my head ripped off within a moments notice against Formal and APG.
  3. MP maps will have to take into consideration sprinting, clamber, etc. 343's mp design in general has been outright terrible thus far. Sure you can likely boost movement speed or increase jump height to satisfy environment traversal in a more competitive manner. But let's not forget how the comp scene looked in H5. Pretty sure we even had radar for quite a significant time; at least I think we did. I've tried to block out most of my memories of that game. But unless 343 allows the comp scene to manage that aspect of their gameplay.. we are going to see less numbers than AGL (like we currently do) within a few events. There is a far higher probability of this game having less staying power than it's predecessor; than it being a successful multi-year project. 343 did not, nor will they ever "get it" and it is starting to look like Microsoft doesn't get it either. Halo ain't it anymore Chief and hasn't been for a decade plus. But at least we got memes.
  4. Any "classic" playlist will be 16-24 months too late based on 343's track record.
  5. I don't think the whole notion that this was an "old build" really holds any water. This was the first major look at Halo Infinite with less than 5 months to release. With less than 5 months to release of Microsoft's next big hardware release. Halo is/was the flagship title of the entire Xbox platform. If this was a months old unfinished product, they could have shown it last month but they didn't; because they didn't have it. This build isn't from back in December like people hope. It just isn't. The vistas look like they were designed with an etch-a-sketch. The gameplay more or less looks fine until you see janky ability use. The sprinting, grappling feels immersion breaking as it does not look fluid at all to me. The grapple almost looks like the sword glitch from H2 in terms of its fluidity. If they just bumped the basement movement speed they wouldn't have a sprint problem. Hitmarkers suck. The explosion/particle effects seem to be static; I would have expected more variance and dynamic looking effects at this point with such a big franchise. Master Chief looks awesome but.. it's a first person shooter so that doesn't really matter. The guns/character models looked damn near placement holder. You could probably buy better fan-made models for $5 a piece.
  6. Kids in H3 use to take amazing photos in game using the theater. Someone got paid to take / pick these out for promotional material for the biggest game leading up to the launch of the newest Xbox. 343 is incredible.
  7. I don't even know where to begin. The only positive I'm taking from this demo is that... when this game enviably dies a quick and painless death this surely has to be the last strike for 343. The plug should have been pulled on them after the H5 failure. The advanced movement sprint/grapple looked out of place and slow. Why is it so hard to just bump the base movement speed a smidge. This game is suppose to be out within 5 months? Good luck.
  8. Cool to see a stat site again. I miss HaloCharts. But I looked up a profile after my own, and it seems as though the Wins/Losses were reversed for them. Edit: Nevermind lol it's backwards on Halo Waypoint.
  9. I still remember H3 plays from 10 years ago.. I can't even recall a single one in H5. I can't even recall my own clips from H5 with the exception of like 2 in Warzone of all things. It was awesome watching HCE/H3 this past weekend. Not even fussed about the technical difficulties or limitations they faced throughout the weekend. I'll gladly watch classic Halo gameplay for pennies over modern Halo for millions.
  10. There was a 24 hour grace period between license checks, so it wouldn't break as soon as a disconnection from the service occurred. The family/friends game library would of been a pretty cool feature especially with how popular gamesharing has become.. given how much easier it is to do this generation, compared to the previous.
  11. XB1 was originally designed to be always online, or at least nearly always online.. so I guess they saw no need for an offline account.
  12. I would guess we will have our dedicated 4500-5000 viewers for the most part. I wouldn't expect a peak much higher than 10k. Regardless, I'm excited to watch some H3 this weekend.
  13. I know most people here are focused on the competitive merits of the games.. but H3 to me highlighted why Halo use to be a fantastic viewer experience. Aside from the obvious art style, which now looks beautiful compared to the streams we had back in the day for H3.. There isn't information overload. We don't know where opposing players are when a player we are watching loses track. Suddenly we are in the same position they are and getting to see their reaction live instead of seeing an outlined player ruining suspense. When they pull off something incredible it is far more exciting and entertaining. Medals/Announcer how great does it feel to see that single Snipe medal show up from a No Scope compared to the anywhere from 3-5+ medals you get in H4/5. Not to mention how easily identifiable they are. Or how nice it sounds to hear nothing more than Double Kill or Killing Spree instead of the word vomit from H5. When it comes to Halo.. less has always been so much more.

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