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  1. Cool to see a stat site again. I miss HaloCharts. But I looked up a profile after my own, and it seems as though the Wins/Losses were reversed for them. Edit: Nevermind lol it's backwards on Halo Waypoint.
  2. I still remember H3 plays from 10 years ago.. I can't even recall a single one in H5. I can't even recall my own clips from H5 with the exception of like 2 in Warzone of all things. It was awesome watching HCE/H3 this past weekend. Not even fussed about the technical difficulties or limitations they faced throughout the weekend. I'll gladly watch classic Halo gameplay for pennies over modern Halo for millions.
  3. There was a 24 hour grace period between license checks, so it wouldn't break as soon as a disconnection from the service occurred. The family/friends game library would of been a pretty cool feature especially with how popular gamesharing has become.. given how much easier it is to do this generation, compared to the previous.
  4. XB1 was originally designed to be always online, or at least nearly always online.. so I guess they saw no need for an offline account.
  5. I would guess we will have our dedicated 4500-5000 viewers for the most part. I wouldn't expect a peak much higher than 10k. Regardless, I'm excited to watch some H3 this weekend.
  6. I know most people here are focused on the competitive merits of the games.. but H3 to me highlighted why Halo use to be a fantastic viewer experience. Aside from the obvious art style, which now looks beautiful compared to the streams we had back in the day for H3.. There isn't information overload. We don't know where opposing players are when a player we are watching loses track. Suddenly we are in the same position they are and getting to see their reaction live instead of seeing an outlined player ruining suspense. When they pull off something incredible it is far more exciting and entertaining. Medals/Announcer how great does it feel to see that single Snipe medal show up from a No Scope compared to the anywhere from 3-5+ medals you get in H4/5. Not to mention how easily identifiable they are. Or how nice it sounds to hear nothing more than Double Kill or Killing Spree instead of the word vomit from H5. When it comes to Halo.. less has always been so much more.
  7. Tuned in to see the final series.. by far the least amount I've ever watched of a Halo tournament. Was cool to at least see a few different maps/gametypes but Oddball at 150 is too low. But I see there is a H3 2v2 tournament coming up. Consider me hyped; I won't miss any game that is streamed.
  8. I for one am happy they scrapped the Halo 5 core instead of using it as a foundation moving forward. That game/engine had many flaws that weren't obviously easily addressed; heavy aim being the biggest culprit. They also alluded to returning to a classic art style. If it means waiting another 2-3 years then so be it. I was never going to be hyped for a Halo that followed the footsteps of 5. At least this gives me hope that things are changing.
  9. If they gave me a "back to the roots" Halo in the form of an ODST Battle Royale I'd be happy. Between that, and MCC; I'll be content with the Halo I love. I haven't been a fan of the changes of Halo for a long time. Once H6 news hits, I'm assuming there will officially be more Halo games I dislike than I like; at some point you have to move on.
  10. Placement matches are one of the main reasons I stopped playing. I like to play a variety of playlists, and had a goal of being Onyx in each one for the first few seasons. It eventually became a chore just to get placed in the same position I was from the prior season. 50-70 placement matches a season is a lot of wasted time for an illusion of change.
  11. Wishful thought of the day: Neighbor left 343 because Halo 6 is going to revert back to the traditional/classic formula. In doing so, he will be eligible to compete in the title once it is released.
  12. New Eldewrito update coming out. 4/20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stf0XDmCAz4 Despite the face palm inducing "Classic Halo Gameplay: Dual Wielding & Equipment." I am looking forward to giving this another go.

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