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  1. It just doesn't feel the same in this game. Magnum starts we're fine the way they were. What we had last season was the best possible recipe you guys could've cooked up. BR feels clunky, Gun Fighter Magnum has no place in competitive at all, along with grenade launcher. Oddball itself is fun, but there are many things to tweak about it, like the ball respawn times, the power weapons and power UPS on the map, and ball spawn locations. Some maps just aren't for oddball. World's I coming up, and I don't think anyone, especially pros and competing amateurs, would want to have to learn how to play with a new unnecessary meta. If anyone from 343 is reading, please listen to the pros and community on this one, we want what's for the best for this game, please don't turn away the people who have grown to love this game the way it worked
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  4. Theres just no way they're going back to the old movement system after what they've done with halo 5. They're not gonna do H3A, which sucks for the core population. I am though, looking foward to the next Halo and how they improve on it based on how they took criticism for halo 5
  5. Future Halos They need to announce some sort of DLC for halo 5, new weapon skins and such because we're gonna have it till next november so might as well try to keep and add to the interest in the population. And they need to announce
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