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  1. I wish I enjoyed halo enough to forge again, seeing what you guys are doing these days is pretty interesting.
  2. Still deciding if I should speedrun through the whole series when it comes out, or just play H2A.
  3. Im going to make bad maps that are not competitive and have poor weapon spawns cos why not?
  4. This might persuade me to forge again. I cant wait to see all the terrible midship inspired remakes though.
  5. What program are you using to stream? Lowering your bitrate will allow for less bufering. Id suggest a bitrate of about 1000. The higher your bitrate the better the quality, however since twitch dosnt allow users to select the quality of a stream unless you are popular, some users with poor internet will buffer because of a high bitrate. I myself stream at a pretty low quality cos its all my connection can handle. However I hardly ever drop any frames and I use the San Fran server, even though I live in New Zealand. So I doubt the issues you are having has anything to do with your location.
  6. It would be really cool if they could add phasing into h3, I kind of doubt they will do much with forge. They might give us fine editing modes in halo 4 though if we are lucky. I definatly dont expect anything new.
  7. Dont really see the need for forge in halo 2. Its not like we are going to be lacking maps.
  8. Do people still forge for halo 4? Havent been in the loop for some time now.
  9. Fixed an issue where rockets were spawning below them map. Also altered a soft kill zone.
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