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  1. You are depressing Imagining living on top of people in apartments like ants? “Store” families? Like on a grocery shelf? Climate change was to bring parts of Florida under water years ago . How’s that working for you? You aren’t by chance a college student are you? I apologize for being a pill but geez.........
  2. The left is far more left than anytime in my life and the right hasn’t budged all that much. I don’t know where lemon is coming up with his claims nor do I care but they are simply backwards.
  3. How will people respond to criticism of Trump when they realize the truth of those pushing the narrative against him?
  4. I believe that will come to an end soon enough...
  5. So because you don’t believe he meant smocking then we should just believe you? Lmao So who was he messaging with that tweet?
  6. Just went to urban dictionary Lmao It came up as the top word for the day And yes princess if you cannot figure out why he tweets like he does he has you off balance.
  7. He’s kept you off balance hasn’t he? Art of war. (And he is absolutely at war in the most literal sense.) No one here knows what smocking means? The more you know...
  8. Do you (of all people here) believe what you wrote? I mean the part of proof reading?
  9. You all amaze me... what does smocking mean? Who is he messaging? What is going down?
  10. Why do you think he intentionally misspelled smoking? What signal or message was he sending and to whom?
  11. yep... I came back wanting to share what I have learned only to find how frustrating it is that they don't care what is happening around them.
  12. From a news article I read this morning. Palm Beach tried to recount the votes using their eleven year old machines, but the machines began to overheat. If you haven't spit out your drink yet, get this... They are bringing in a mechanic to "FIX" the machines so that they can do a recount.
  13. You might want to share with them who Q is. It can’t hurt.
  14. Meanwhile back on capital hill the democrats appear panicked. In his inaugural speech President Trump announced that January 20, 2017 was the day that power returned back to the people. What political power does the individual have? Did it get stolen? When we see elections stolen we hear about, politicians talk about it, then move on to whatever topic the MSM news cycle takes them. No one stops the fraudulently elected person from taking office. I don’t believe this president will sit by and allow fraud to steal away a pro MAGA Congress to work with him
  15. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/11/rubio-sounds-the-alarm-democrat-lawyers-now-asking-judge-to-change-florida-laws-to-steal-election/ Is POTUS going to call for special elections to rerun the races he can show were stolen with illegal alien votes? I heard him ask the reporters if perhaps we should rerun the elections. Will the senate refuse to seat the democratic winner of Arizona’s senate race? Think McConnell. Will this force national voter ID law to the table?
  16. Florida races being stolen: governor, senate, and agriculture commission. Why agricultural commission? Gun control. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/11/florida_election_frauds_hidden_guncontrol_agenda.html
  17. That pic says so much ya? Look who’s coming to dinner Lmao.
  18. Some months back, President Trump tweeted that he had just learned that he could pardon himself.... on second thought, some of you have convinced me that posting here isn't what I want to do. So many of you don't care about what is happening in the world, and you prefer to believe you are justified shitting on Trump. If you only knew what was happening. If you only knew.... Aloha... Ok now that I got a good night sleep let’s resume...

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