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  1. I am talking PC MCC here. When I aim the H3 sniper it feels sometimes like it wants to move too far or not enough. When I aim the HCE sniper, it feels perfectly smooth. Is this an accurate assessment of what people actually experience themselves; or is this "feeling" a symptom of my [below average] skill level? Is this what you guys mean when you say the H3 sniper aim is clunky? And is it by design to make it more difficult to aim?
  2. I want to ask a question and I am concerned I won't word it well, please be patient with me. Why is the H3 sniper so difficult to master? I agree that it is, and compared to the PC MCC HCE sniper, it clearly feels more difficult. But "feels" is subjective. I really don't understand what they did to make it feel more difficult for the player to use. Can anyone tell me what is different that makes it more difficult to master? For example, is it simply more difficult to aim? Why is that true? What is it in the game software that makes it more difficult to aim?
  3. No need to call my statement laughable. My experience with Halo started with XB360 H3, Reach, then H4. Then I stopped due to not wanting to pay M$ for XB1 and having the frustrations you all experienced with MCC crashing every other minute. I defected instead to the PC master race and started a new hobby. I just happened to get a steam gift card for Christmas. With MCC only $25, I couldn't resist "trying" HCE and H2 for the first time. Now you hurt my feelings... not because you call my statement laughable, but because you are telling me I am not really experiencing the true joy of HCE. Tell me it isn't so.
  4. That is interesting. I didn't realize that the different weapons dealt different amounts at such a detailed enumeration. But I also thought that the H3 BR dealt different amounts of damage to the head v the body/chest?
  5. I understand. I am just saying that the AR isn't the weapon it should have been. I appreciate your patience in this discussion. Will I switch to the AR when I see someone with no shields or someone I want to melee? I haven't yet... I just don't think like that. Having played since H3 and not generally sporting a magnum for the obvious reasons, switching weapons for either of those scenarios isn't a trained reaction.
  6. Immersion is the result of the game play experience overall. The sandbox's balance is one element that can impact immersion. The AR isn't a camo "switch". It is a weapon. It just so happens that its uselessness as a weapon is what breaks immersion when it sits in the same sandbox as the magnum. On a completely different note, I was playing H2 last night and was surprised to come across Tombstone (I guess that was the name of the map). It looks very industrial and not grave yardish. But what really caught my attention was how visually noisy it was. And for FFA, the spawning was pathetic. I think at least a fourth or more of my spawns were directly in front of someone or in their cross hairs. I didn't move and was killed.
  7. The following reflects my opinions, your mileage may vary. Let's begin with a scale of 0 to 10. 0.2 H3 1.0 Reach 1.1 H4 (incremental + and -) 1.2 H2A (very minor improvements, only an introduction to real changes) 3.0 H5 (lots of textures, palette objects, improved properties and options) Grow the palette, fix bugs, improve current features, add helper features, but you really haven't grown forge into new directions. Reach saw dramatic palette increases. H5 saw new properties for palette items, even weapon objects. But the evolutionary changes improve forge workflow by leaps and bounds. Examples of evolutionary concepts that I can think of off the top of my head include: Reach grid and rotation lock, magnets, & physics modes H2A terrain objects & scripting H5 welding exposing material properties FX (particles and sound) joints and animated palette objects terrain textures locked to canvas coordinates clear glass that can be colored decals primitive blocks SIMPLE You can add exposing weapon prefab properties to this list for H5 if you feel strongly about it. Textures have not improved that much. H3 sandbox has the best textures of H3, Reach, H4, and H2A. I know this is subjective to many, but I can explain my case. H5 has I think a half dozen textures, of which half seem blah and the other half seem good to go. And it is for this reason I say that it remains simply a pile of blocks. That is strictly how I feel after spending over 40 hours trying to forge a missile silo complex. With all the improvements, I was truly disappointed that I came away with this feeling toward Forge5. On the other hand, what set H5 ahead is not textures - rather, it is materials property control. With these properties, forgers have the ability to expand the graphical elements of their levels in entirely new ways and fully independent of the textures they apply. This in my opinion is as critical as the textures themselves. (Now if only 343 could provide a better palette of textures...) BTW, I found the spawn zones' weight adjustment useless. Unless you know what the values actually do in comparison to other influencers (enemy presence, imminent threat, line of sight, etc.), your control over the spawning behavior is just an illusion. (If they published the list of influencers, let me know please.) For that reason I was left to use team assigned spawn points. I am looking for key improvements like the PRIMITIVE BLOCK SIMPLE. If you look carefully at that block (size is irrelevant), you see that it is an entirely new concept for Forge with the intent of targeting a specific problem that cannot be addressed in a "forge" way with any other palette object. It was a concept I suggested and I was very happy not only to see them implement it, but to find that it does its job surprisingly well.
  8. 343 is building Halo 6... I have no hope for the game.
  9. I am not trying to say a pistol is a bad skin for the job. I am saying that if you are going to run around a virtual world with different weapons, they should all add to the continuity of the game play, or you break immersion. (Ya, there's that word again - breaking immersion is where your brain realizes something isn't as it should be.) if you want the pistol to be effective as it is in HCE, then the AR needs to simply go away. It feels so wrong along side the pistol. I love the HCE sniper, its got to be the easiest sniper in the series. I only played a few games of H2 and H2A. I think it was the H2A AR that felt like an H4 SAW, and I absolutely loved it. I am inclined to think that is the weapon that should have been included with the HCE pistol to make each reasonable compared to each other. If I had an AR that could mow people down like the SAW I probably wouldn't feel the HCE pistol was strangely too accurate at distance. It would FEEL more correct in the entirety of the game. H2 is tough as nails, but I am going to go play some social H2 and H2A to find my legs in those games. UPDATE: 1. I am really enjoying the H2A sniper. Feels solid, easy to use. So much fun! 2. I just figure out why I like the H2A sniper - it sounds and feels like what a .45 hand gun should sound and feel like. LOL, this is too funny. 3. I like H2 SWAT, it's reasonable. But I am not crazy about maps that leave you in the open, especially Tombstone, or Ascension. 4. Tombstone - why did they call it that? It is more industrial looking than grave yard. It looks like shit. 5. H2 is okay, but not exciting. HCE and H3 remain my favorites for simplicity and action.
  10. Yes I can see what you are saying, but it doesn't feel right being a hand gun. It should be a rifle. Why not make a BR a utility, a handgun a short range, heavy slow slug, between stopping power of BR and shotgun? Then it feels right. It would feel "balanced" as I would perceive the term. I gotta say I love H3 again and HCE is a close second. The others are just too involved, too many "mechanics" to use. I like the simple game. Wish Halo never added all that junk... Just needed new animations and art, would have been wonderful.
  11. I think player efficacy tied to shield status goes without saying, and that is the key element of Halo (also recently Overwatch and Destiny) that makes it a great game compared to CoD, Far Cry, CS, etc... I don't know that I said it was overpowered. I said it was unbalanced. If you describe weapon balance as you have, I don't understand your perspective, so I cannot argue the point. To me weapon balance means how it plays in the context of the game. With AR being so useless, magnum high accuracy at range is not a reasonable expectation. Thus it feels like it is too good given the other weapons that are available.
  12. If you define balanced that way, then I can't argue with you. I ventured into social 8v8 flag and the game crashed. It said UE4 crashed. So the game was built for the PC using UE4?
  13. I have to say this about MCC for the PC. It doesn't crash on me. It rarely makes me wait more than 60 seconds to get into a new social Flag match. And this is with net limits for West and Central US servers only. I am surprised that there are both ranked and social, and that each are broken across game titles (though ranked appears far more controlled in its offerings). I am impressed with what I see, but I also think it would be interesting to see population counters for each playlist. I find the PC MCC HCE magnum everything you guys have said it was. It is really fun and rewarding to use. But its dropping power should be limited in range. Whenever I use it at range (even Hang em High cross map) I can't help feeling like I am cheating because the weapon is entirely unbalanced. (I mean, ... it is...) I honestly do not miss Halo. but I got me a steam gift card for Christmas and a PC with a smoking GPU. So, ya...
  14. You make a good point. No, I cannot and would not say that about CS.
  15. This is interesting. I never purchased an XBOX. I finally downloaded and began playing H5/Forge5 a few months back when I got ahold of a powerful (2nd hand) PC with a GTX770 4GB video card (and it smokes). I got a steam card for Christmas and downloaded MCC and am playing that now, but my H5 customs experience has never been bad with aim. I am sort of shocked that XB H5 aiming is so bad. Also, I studied what they did with Forge5. I won't get into the details, but all the great features I had heard prior when it first came out I quickly discovered was some hype once I got to using it. You do have quite a bit of variety of block size and textures, but in the end, the limitations that F5 presents (to me at least) constantly remind me that it's still forge and still just a pile of blocks. In the end, after trying to forge several maps, I came away with it just isn't close to what it needs to be yet.
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