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  1. It’s actually relatively easy to implement. I did it on the unity game engine. I also noticed their rendering failed to use high resolution rendering textures. That is a trivial issue also. I wondered if they knew how to fix that or if they felt it was good enough? one limitation they chose was you can only see through your own portal. While that may seem like a design decision for intended tactical play, it’s actually a resource issue that lends itself to what many prefer as intended game play.
  2. Portal also lets you traverse the map instantly making it worse than sprint. My mentioning the two was about how they were included into what was supposed to be halo game play and damaging the depth of play in the process. i haven’t looked at the latest maps or really did any intense study of the ones I did play on. But I wonder how much depth they add to the maps by design of pad locations? Or do they not really think about high level game play when choosing locations?
  3. Well in a sense you may be correct. but in another sense the portal breaks halo style game play more in your face than sprint. It comes down to having the ability to “forge” your personal teleport on any map given any line of sight target. Coming from developers who were devout halo fans I think they simply said “wouldn’t it be cool if...” and stuck with it much like 343 is sticking to sprint. to be honest I am surprised 343 hasn’t considered a portal style ability for halo infinity.
  4. Music is to invoke emotion. when played during a cut scene or in between cut scenes it should invoke emotions that correspond the action or script playing out. heavy metal in general never come close to a military action scene and simply don’t belong. some “rock” can work to build a since of fighting action. I can think of one instrumental that did this well. But honestly I can’t even remember the title let alone the scene at the moment.
  5. He then said what he liked about countdown. He was painting a relative scale. He simply meant construct koth was by far more fun.
  6. You just told us why the map was designed well for objective games especially stockpile.
  7. I would be happy if no remakes ever came from the publisher. What is wrong that they can't come up with new material? They got a new engine that should be able to stretch the imagination.
  8. It’s interesting to watch him anticipate your every whim.
  9. Oh ya, my bad, you made that clear in your post and I missed it...
  10. I like the shell projectile motion with H4 scorpion - it simply looks cool even if it unrealistically slow as snail H3 scorpion felt realistically brutal.
  11. If you have BR starts then what is the point of the AR in the sandbox? apart from that I love the BR
  12. I can see possibly getting to the drop pods being the gate event to the second phase. The first phase is in orbit on board the ship and the rest of the game on the surface.
  13. I think that spawning on a map independent of the elephant makes the flag game far more interesting because the elephant now becomes an alternate primary level objective. That aspect I would not change. Nor the speed Of the elephant by which the enemy can change the dynamics of the game Too quickly.
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