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  1. This is an interesting analysis of Halo Combat Evolved and why it might be the best shooter ever.
  2. That gets me thinking about the tombstones in hang em high. That leads me to ask, is halo broken if los blockers are necessary for open areas or are open areas a poor design for halo?
  3. And if that is the only reason they are there and if no additional feature was intended or desired, what is wrong with that? Is the overall design poor? Is the design of that area of the map poor?
  4. The term lazy cover refers to things like crates and scenery objects (as I understand it), and it's considered poor level design to use these for cover. It is said that proper level design requires real structures for cover, such as walls and pillars. Why? Why is a large crate considered poor level design when it actually fits into the theme of the map and provides tactical value to the portion of the map it exists on? This has never made sense to me and I am now thinking such logic is terribly flawed. Can someone tell me why I am wrong?
  5. You can go ahead and sound as dumb fuck as you want. But you better get used to saying president Trump. Trump train has no brakes. Hell if he owned 343 he would make Halo great again, fix MCC, and fire the crew responsible for what came out two years ago.
  6. Eventually different car manufacturers will have their own autonomous models for sale. Each model will have unique features to help the sales of that model. The features make the autonomous characteristics unique to that model. The bad guy doesn't have to jack your car over wifi. He can simply learn how your car behaves when it studies the cars traveling around it. Then he learns how to drive his car around your autonomous car to get your autonomous car to do what he wants it to do, and he winds up driving your car.
  7. Interesting thread. Did it lead to any collaborations? I find it interesting because i have started authoring a fps ala halo. I want to start a studio but I won't be interested in implementing someone else's ip. I would look for capital $2M to first title.
  8. What felonious activities has thou been caught at this time, pray tell?
  9. Like overwatch? I read it has 15M online users across xb, PS, PC. What do you think of that game ? Is it good enough to take your mind off the halo roadmap? Also regarding no man's sky my son got it and I watched him play it. I think it shows the power of novelty given how small the dev team was and the price they could ask. But it seems like you have to really be into exploring not to get bored in 30 minutes.
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