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  1. Sort of like their focus has been art and not game play? While this is true, it is more important that we recognize that our experience allows us to see what is possible today. It would be cool if the sand was really sand and could be kicked or blown out (by grenades) and make the geometry different in play. It's interesting that futuristic armor didn't rely on "magnetic" shielding at no weight at all. But I understand the technology back in HCE days really helped minimize modeling challenges by a helmet rather than an actual face. acceptance is a beautiful thing, yes? Do you honestly think it would help at this point? Pick any date for release, any at all, and would it make a difference? but... but... the foam... I can't help thinking that the sound track probably was given the least attention of all aspects of the game. Do you think that some people may play poker for the excitement of the bluff?
  2. You realize that when 043 first opened its doors, they put out a video about how they built the dream team to be the guardians of the Halo franchise. If you go back to that video, you will see that in huge numbers popping up on the screen were the years each person had in the gaming industry as they introduced each person. They wanted you to know that they paid top dollar to get the most experienced team that they could. Then they said they hired people who hated Halo. In another article it was told to us that the devs at 043 enjoyed playing their favorite FPS during their lunch break. Can you guess which shooter that was? That's right, CoD. Nothing about what we are seeing today has surprised me. Nothing. What does surprises me is that you all have not caught on to what 043 has always intended to do WITH Halo.
  3. This is what one can come to expect so long as you continue to hold out hope for a turn for the better. If you accept that this is yet another Halo title from 043, then you will not have any expectations set and some things may actually lead to fun. When you come to full acceptance, you won't bother considering HInf until a couple years have passed and you see others talking about it patched enough to enjoy.
  4. HL1 is a technological classic. I think they don't want to get you all pissed too much. That is very interesting. I have noticed in most Halo titles that what you see in the way of your own arms and weapons is not the same as what others see, because they were trying to get you to see something that was meaningful for your perspective. I could not say if the same was true with the legs though. It was clear to me that from your perspective, your avatar's model was what you saw and that it was rendered over the rest of the scene, so you saw your arms and your weapons when others would see them inside the wall, for example. It would actually be distorted geometrically from your perspective so you can keep seeing your hands and arms. I just want to know how many people play MCC.
  5. Gives them something to improve so that you keep coming back for each season's update. I can't imagine why any of you waited for anything from 343, TBH. I am just sitting here watching all the feedback from these betas and I wonder why any of you are surprised or upset. 043 Industries put a tracking device on it first... Just wait until it purges the install... Did you report the work around? It would help them debug the problem. My i7 machine has 12G ram. I can load up lightworks video editor, Unity game editor, Halo MCC, and Blender, and I still cannot break 10G. What do you run on your rig that you need even 20G ram? Honestly curious. When you go into this with an expectation of playing halo, ...
  6. Sometimes you have to break things that are perfectly good just to make them your own. FTFY... It's in their employee's hand book, actually. You know forge is available for H5 today. THIS is why I jumped on right now to ask you all something. What is the perfect kill time for the HCE magnum and how many shots? If you replaced the HCE magnum with the BR and wanted it to be comparable in perfect kill time, with a triple shot per trigger pull, it seems that you would only need to pull the trigger twice and land all six shots. I can imagine the kill time would be around 0.8s, but can someone let me know if this wouldn't work AND WHY? Seriously want to know why this wouldn't work if it wouldn't.
  7. Just looking at the videos it looks like H5 in many ways, perhaps with a bit better graphics (e.g., foam). Maybe they were trying to introduce a version of button combos? Are the graphics better, or the art better? The art looks a lot like H5. The video I have seen of that map is blah art compared to many pre-H4 maps. I can only assume that you are referring to the graphics being much better because you see the effects of ray tracing of ambient light, reflections as you move about, etc. But the textures (art) look blah to me. Edit: You can say that the rocks and trees show greater detail of texture, and they do, but the texture (art) isn't really exciting, more as just expected given the graphics capabilities. It's essentially Sandtrap with better graphics and the textures updated to match. The art isn't that great. On other hand I will say that they did a good job on extreme details while minimizing visual noise. That is a big step in the right direction. Not like the other maps that have dirt smudges all over the place that look distracting.
  8. Sort of like a child that acts out time and again looking for attention?? I would argue Halo is far more than what you said here. The biggest part is the futuristic shielding and armor that gives the context for not dropping when you are shot like most any other shooter out there. That is what makes Halo unique more than any other element in the game. as it should be
  9. How do you stress test an Australian server at any time of day? What video games do the kangaroos play? What about island states? Who cares? They're just AIs... You mean... they aren't quiet? You speak as though that was a bad thing... Eventually they will come to the place of acceptance... Eventually... There... Like everything else, they seem to want to show off the abilities of their new engine. Look how much animation we can do now. Look at the wonderful graphical details. Listen to all the noises we can irritate you with. Yes it does. Watching the video a few posts back it felt like just a regurgitated Halo 5 game, nothing more. With all the powerful video rendering, it doesn't actually stand out from H5 at all. edit: now that I think about it, for MP, it feels just like H5. If the campaign isn't phenomenally better, then they could have delivered HInf years ago using the H5 engine. There better be lots of foam on the beach scenes in campaign!!!
  10. I understand the need for a hero (Master Chief), but I found Reach campaign to be far more gripping from a humanity perspective. If only they could blend the two - a hero within the team that survives, while members of the team are lost in battle and the rest of the team, including the hero, demonstrate their humanity in the wake of their losses. I remember the scene when Master Chief was staring out the window at the apparent loss of Cortana. That was the most moving scene involving Master Chief's humanity. And yet, we discover that she wasn't really gone. It's almost like Halo is Master Chief and Cortana, and without one the other cannot exist in that universe.
  11. Honestly, this is all I have ever wanted since XB1/H5, and I am happy with the MCC/PC for the time. I have ZERO expectation of anything else coming from 343 that will top MCC/PC. His analysis is sound. ... weighing in at ?
  12. Strategic delay? immersion is over rated. On a side note, when it comes to fighter jet camo, if you watch the title scene to Steal the Sky, you see how incredibly powerful camo on fighter jets can be. You cannot distinguish the jet's shape looking down on it against the desert floor. You can only see that something is moving very quickly. That title scene opened my eyes. But I doubt you will ever have that same impact in any MP game involving jets, because to travel that fast you need huge maps and fighter pilots need a purpose of large segments of straight line travel.
  13. Good point. I honestly forgot who we were talking about. I honestly just projected my thinking onto 343. There must be another explanation for this that eludes me.
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