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  1. Tried typing in our name but I can't find your profile. I friended your cousin though.
  2. Gt: Lumario1997 I am a longtime halo fan, been playing since H2 all the way up to H5. I have some experience in the competitive arena (mostly just a few local LAN parties or srims) and am looking to start getting into some full-scale competition. I am currently ranked diamond/onyx in all playlists and am looking for some similarly ranked teammates. With a good team, I am usually able to drop at least 20-30 kills per game. While my main objective is to improve competetively, I also often enjoy playing casually, so feel free to hit me up if you just need an extra teammate. Thanks!
  3. Gt: Lumario1997 I'm down to set up a team. was onyx in all playlists last season and am looking for a good team to run with for the tourney. Add me on Xbox.
  4. Gt: Lumario1997 Never been on a competitive team but I was in onyx in all playlists back in January. Feel free to hit me up.

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