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  1. Prob logistics. Shipping millions of copies of something might be easier to do in rounds.
  2. Symmetric CTF maps like Pit and Narrows. Sanctuary could work. I don't see it working as well on Midships like Simplex or Onyx because of how open they are, especially flag to flag. I think this gametype needs a bit of segmentation across mid for optimal results.
  3. Or the fact that they have to leave their power position every so often in order to secure spawning power items which allows the trapped team a chance to push out.
  4. Spawn killing is a viable strategy to win once a team has the lead. Why doesn't one team just spawnkill for the rest of the game once they are up by one flag cap?
  5. If an Overshield has multiple colored layers, should the player's aura color correspond to what layer of OS they are on?
  6. If what you are claiming, about static spawns creating an unbreakable spawn trap, is true then every CTF game would be filled with spawn killing which they aren't when teams are of comparable skill levels. Do you agree that spawn killing in CTF is not a rampant issue when teams of similar skill are matched?
  7. @@jeromesix You don't really seem to have a firm grasp on how spawning works. There are spawn points located outside the enemy base. Maps are pretty much divided 50/50 unless a neutral center area exists. Spawn trapping is easier with static spawns but you are by no means going to sit with your reticle on one doorway and rack up kills. If what you were saying was true then once a team had the lead, and map control, a CTF game would be over. This isn't the case as can be witnessed by all the CTF comeback games out there. It is funny how your arguments changed from "I'll never leave my base" to "I'll never let them leave their base."
  8. Melee weapons themselves are halfway to dual wielding already. Golden triangle is gun, grenade, melee. Melee weapons remove gun. Why not remove grenade throwing too and just have a more badass melee weapon?
  9. Your argument consists of "there is no reason to push because the uncoordinated enemies will feed us kills by running in one at a time" and "there is no reason to push because if my team pushes out the enemy team will spawn in my base". Now that you understand that the gametype uses static spawns, and let's pretend the enemy team is not so uncoordinated as to feed you free kills all game, do you still believe that there is no reason to push out of your base in 2-Flag Slayer even when power items and power positions are located outside of your base?
  10. So now that you are no longer thinking that pushing out of your base will cause the enemy team to spawn there do you still believe there is no incentive to push out of your base in 2-Flag Slayer with power items and power positions located on the map outside of your base?
  11. Does spawning the enemy team on top of your flag sound like a good idea?
  12. You claim the sword can get multiple one hit kills without a cooldown period. I am asking for evidence of this act occurring. Surely if this act was so "skillful" you would have saved the clip right? Still unclear?
  13. Flag gametypes have static spawns...in games other than Halo 4. Dumb.
  14. Surely you have some clips of yourself performing some sick sword multi kills then right?
  15. Power items Power positions Not having the enemy be right on top of your flag if they do kill you
  16. Because there are zero reasons to push up without a flag to cap right?
  17. Chaining together 1 hit kill lunge attacks with alternating daggers, by simultaneously targeting and firing on enemies within range, is not something a single wield melee weapon like the Energy Sword is capable of because it has a cooldown period after a lunge. You trade the ability to throw grenades for the ability to have no cooldown period after a lunge.
  18. CTF is arguably the most competitive Halo gametype. CTF that also punishes dying only bolsters that competitiveness IMO. Not every enemy death results in a flag cap for your team. 2-Flag Slayer makes those deaths mean something more than they do in classic CTF.
  19. Which name is better for a dual wield Forerunner/Promethean melee weapon: Dark Energy Daggers OR Hard Light Daggers ???
  20. No. You can't win just by slaying in an objective gametype. You can win just by slaying in 2-Flag Slayer. It is a Slayer gametype that has an optional objective. Objectives in objective gametypes are not optional if winning is the goal.
  21. 2-Flag Slayer is arguably the most competitive gametype that Halo has ever seen. For those unfamiliar, each enemy kill is 1 point but each team also has a Flag in their base. Capping the enemy Flag is 50 points. First team to 200 points wins. What are some other ways objectives could be incorporated into Slayer? What are the pros and cons of objectives in Slayer? Are objectives in Slayer viable at a tournament level?
  22. Best Halo weapon name prob goes to the Mauler. Fits with the function of the weapon and the characteristics of the species that created it.
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