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  1. Im doing something somewhat similar with Assault. I have areas where neutral zones will pop up and people can arm at, but the problem is no one can disarm those bombs right now. Multiple arm sites DO work for neutral sites, but only 1 shows the bounding area. Also, Im trying to get my updated Assault version commented out for a friend so he can implement a Speedbomb option.
  2. Hey Moa, just to let you know, if you have an Assault page preview as well, I just released a new, updated version of Assault last night that fixes some issues and has some changes to gameplay. The download link is in my preview video:
  3. Actually, you dont know how wrong you are im about to release an updated Assault version for Halo 4. It's fixed up from a buddy of mine's version with a few little extras.
  4. People have found out how to purposely do this, but it only works on the screen posted; not your playercard.
  5. As of right now Ive got some things updated: -Waypoints now behave like default Assault does. -Implemented Arming and Detonated medals and callouts. -implemented Disarm callout (medal having issues at the moment) -Re-implementing player Banner. To-do: -Remove Capture text from bomb waypoint. It's pointless and confusing on 1-bomb. -Fix Disarming player medal and points. -Add a couple other medals -Adding a couple other callouts for gameplay.
  6. Hey, guys! Just a heads up! Dont spread Assault too much or give it too much attention! Right now Im going through and fixing some bugs in the gametype and adding a couple "features" to help enhance the gameplay experience. Yes, it's true that balls cant get disabled throwing. That's a type of setting that is integrated into the object itself and cannot be changed. However, I MAY create a version that simply uses another object that cant be thrown, such as the carry_bomb, which will allow dropping of the objective like previous halo's.
  7. Actually, Multi-Team Ricochet supports up to 4 teams. The 4 teams fight to score 1 ball into a Neutral Goal. After a score, the goal moves to another location.
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