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  1. Eliminating half the teams through pool play isn't cutting corners? when a simple fix is just to throw the 3rd place to losers? obviously if your sentiment is right about the 3rd and 4th place teams not being able to compete why does it matter if the 3rd place gets put into losers? Like if you're right then the better team moves on but if you're wrong then "upsets" happen so the only problem I feel that exist is making more work.
  2. I don't think thats really the point, its just we've played a crap ton and for it to be like that is cutting corners that don't need to be cut imo, its probably one of the biggest tournaments we have and I don't understand the idea of trying to make it shorter? Ya objectively you may be right but you should know better than anyone some times the better teams don't necessarily have the best days and for it to be one and done is just weird kinda like all the points we worked hard to get not meaning anything either (for columbus)
  3. I think Ryan had a couple back and forth chats about it, don't quote me on anything exactly but I believe what was said is that it creates more exciting matches or something along those lines and that they couldn't change the format
  4. We’ve been complaining since we saw the Tashi tweet, at this point (3 days away) i don’t believe they will change anything. I never understood how they did one thing for Cbus with the third place teams fighting for LCQ and then basically change it for worlds (i know there’s no lcq but logically you would think the third place would still be in it)
  5. Completely agree with this, idk why it wouldn’t be like this but I assume by now it’s too far in to change it.
  6. I feel like it’s because in Halo you have teammates you can scapegoat and in fighters i mean there’s really no one to blame but yourself if you lose, and there’s a lot less politics in that i would think since you don’t have to look good to anyone there’s a lot less of that “ego”
  7. Tom has given a good chunk of his life to Halo and to be done playing kinda makes playing Halo pointless for him on top of the game being hard to grind/enjoy. The frustration is def justified imo being the best or the worst at league isn’t really the point, it’s more of he enjoys it. Idk where this exactly stemmed from but regardless it would be super annoying to be expected to play Halo ALL the time on stream
  8. We played Splyce 2nd round soooooooo don't look too much into it =]
  9. I feel like you're missing a GOLDEN "Lock it up" opportunity I just don't know quite where to put it
  10. Figured it out https://twitter.com/Naventic/status/909940288751357952
  11. 1. Don't really get emotional let down 2. Agree 3. Not a thing, at that level you just play I don't THINK too many nerves go into it with particular players since we all know eachother pretty well 4. 10000000000% 5. Can say I agree after teaming with him briefly, and I think I was the biggest non cratos believer of em all
  12. No, I just felt like for me personally it wasn't working. It WAS then it just felt like it drastically declined. So maybe it just wasn't a good fit, idk regardless I didn't feel it. Luckily they had someone to replace me, so HOPEFULLY theres no hard feelings on their part. I have nothing but good things to say about them (EVEN CRATOS) and I truly hope they do well this weekend.
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