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  1. No description was entered
  2. looking for players in central California to do the Microsoft store tournament and also looking for a 4th in hcs
  3. got a to2 if you want to run hit me up gt dark scorch2
  4. saw yoour service record i recomend getting to oynx befor trying tournaments trust me
  5. looking for two people who have ranked onyx the last three seasons must be 1700+ must be willing to get on all week and willing to practice for at least 6-10 hours a day message me on Xbox gt dark scorch2 for more info or on twitter @darkscorch2.
  6. add me gt dark scorch2 lets run some games i have to2
  7. my team is looking for a solid 4th who has benn ranking onyx or champ in the last couple of seasons and is willing to travel and can get on Monday through Sunday were also looking for an org that can pay for our flights when we travel we also looking for a coach who has had experience coaching for more questions message me on Xbox or on twitter gt dark scorch2 @darkscorch2.
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