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  1. Sorry i wasn't nice earlier guys. Got a bit personal in my trolling, didn't have any Monster Energy in me. Thank you based TjTheSellout for the reminder.
  2. I always wondered how the orgs name came to be, reading these posts it's all starting to make sense. I also take my ball and go home when people aren't grateful that i promised them something cool. (Huh? Deliver on it? Whats that? I'm a CEO i don't have time to deliver on promises!)
  3. Made beats first so already had accomplishments. But yea if he wins he can talk all the shit he wants just look at lethul.
  4. I like Ryanoob's cockyness because he's earned it, but when i hear Randa being cocky all im thinking is whobthe fuck is this guy? So you played online alot who gives a fuck. Win something in h2a and I'll love all the trash talking but for now he's acting like Kanye West when he has the accomplishments of the guy selling mixtapes at the intersection. Just my 2 cents. Im rooting for WFX this series hoping for a top 3.
  5. Agreed i just started posting on here since season 1 started and have seen considerable growth with every event and team change these forums become more active. I do however think there is room for reflection every once in awhile when 343 ignores the beyond community on what I believe is good advice (though sometimes is watered down by the delivery) you shouldn't then make fun or belittle someones opinion on here because of how they expressed it. Its like a parent cursing all day then smacking their child for cursing. People here are usually just doing what you guys are doing at a smaller level you guys set the example when you come here to vent, but then at times apply the same replies or reaction as the guys you're upset at. I hope that came across how i hoped, all that said this community has always been emotional and rarely about prize money and more about exposure which i believe is what makes the pro's outweigh the con's here. I don't even own halo anymore but lurk here and tune into every stream and event because the competition is Beyond awesome. Get it? BEYOND, awesome? (looks around the room.) Because thats the name of the site guys... Get it?
  6. I don't really care about this debate but you sound like the people at 343 here. I dont completely agree with both of you but you both have good points and ninjawuu has some accurate points you just steam rolled over. Although that plateu line was a bit much. Can we just go back to the "EG is da bettur team" banter? I love you all, y u do dis??
  7. I'm kinda hoping Denial places higher then CLG i think ot would be good for Heinz. Plus i like that Mikwens gone from Ninjas shadow to Agressive slayer/Leader its a cool story.
  8. Does he actually want our thoughts or is bravo forced to wear that until he proves it doesn't look good? Kappa.
  9. CLG is fighting back would love another game 5. Does anyone else think of young Bill Dauterive when they see snakebite? Probably just me.
  10. Makes sense plus ola was obviously pissed enough to hit something and injure himself so i get you. I dont think clg has a skill problem i think its a mental problem. They have just as good of a team as eg but eg will talk stuff out not blame each other and learn to play to each other strengths. I think CLGs problem is that royal 2 and snakebite will take it personally and the team has to learn to play around them not with them so new strategies that work better as a team dont develop. Which is why I think they stopped getting better in season 1. Just my opinion could be way off.
  11. I feel like that was more of a jab at snipedown and a team instinct reference.
  12. I agree, the skateboard tricks were the worst part though.
  13. Didn't pay staff or players, scheduled events without actually having a venue, taught awful skateboard tricks, trashtalked casters, lied about having sponsors, lied about prize pools, etc.
  14. AGLBrad is at the venue?? *Grabs bonafide boarding hat and skateboard then runs to venue*
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