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  1. Do the majority of halo players notice things like netcode? The hardcore halo players noticed the bad net code, but the average halo player didn't. I don't think bad net code is enough of a reason for the average halo player to not play Halo 3 if they hate Halo Reach and 4.
  2. If the majority of people wanted the classic experience, why didn't they go back to a game that provided it? The population for gears of war 3 was higher than the population for gears of war judgement. We can say that people would rather have the experience that GoW3 provided than Judgement. The same thing didn't happen between Halo 4, Reach, and 3. Reach and Halo 4 did sell well and in 343/MS's eyes, it was a huge success.
  3. I don't think Halo should be made more accessible, and I also don't think it needs to be "stripped hard" You're right about Halo having always been fun for everyone. Halo Reach had a lot of game types and options that just weren't available in Halo 4. I think the lack of options made people stop playing the game.
  4. How can 343i add anything to Halo if they weren't allowed to add things "that's never been in halo before"? They wouldn't be able to make new games.
  5. Classic Halo would not sell well against the likes of Battlefield 3 and COD Black Ops 2. These newer games have a lot of new features. While the classic Halo's gameplay appeals to the competitive crowd, it would be bland for the casual crowd. Since the casual crowd have the largest influence on sales, classic halo would not sell well.
  6. Who did he get knocked out playing against?
  7. It depends on the CSR of everyone else too. The system checks the CSR of all players in the match. If the system expects you to do well and you end up doing well, you're not going to rank up. If you play with a bunch of people with a higher CSR than you, the system expects you to not do well. If you end up doing well anyways, then you rank up. I'm pretty sure this is how it works.
  8. If you don't like Halo 4, you're most likely going to feel the same about Halo 5. I'm going to play the game regardless because Halo is my favourite console FPS.
  9. Well that video got me interested in BF4, but I don't think this would work in Halo 4. Dice has put in a lot of work into their engine. If 343 attempted to do this, it would surely be half assed.
  10. in League of Legends, the developers have a Public Beta Environment where the community can test out future changes. Now we don't need a PBE, but it would be nice if they could talk about things planned in the near or distant future for Halo 4.
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