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  1. Hi guys! I've been a part of the Halo community for a long while now and wanted to share something with you guys. RAGE Is a clothing company a close friend of mine and I have been working on for about 8 months now. He's a football coaching, fourwheeling, redneck Air Force vet and I'm a video game playing, tennis playing, skateboarding, graphic designer. So naturally we've not got a whole lot in common, but that's the glory of Rage we try to tie in multiple types of lifestyles. For now, the only Rage branches we've released are: OutRage our punk esque clothing, RageQuit our gaming clothing, EnRage our motocross clothing, and LeveRage our weightlifting clothing/gear. Rage isn't just about making money for us. It's about giving back to the communities that we're either a part of or huge fans of. What I really want to see Rage become is a powerhouse for sponsorships. I'm talking gamers, motocross racers, powerlifters, etc... Not everyone has the money to travel to competitions. Especially young competitors. Between school, work, and spending all of their free time practicing the one thing they're so passionate about that they want to compete in, it can be pretty stressful. These people aren't recognized nearly enough, and that's one of our top goals here, not only bringing all of these target audiences together with a clothing brand but also to support their endeavors, because no matter how different we are we all have one thing in common, we live to compete. Our website is in it's infancy so we welcome all feedback. I also implore you to follow us on Twitter @Ragewarehouse were we will be posting most of our website updates and more information on our upcoming Kickstarter! (We're also on Facebook!) We planned on having our Kickstarter promo video completed this month, but the south is currently under water so once all of this seemingly endless rain clears, we'll be back to production! Thank you all for your time, have a great day. :ghost:
  2. A patch fix designed to resolve severe multiplayer matchmaking problems in Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been delayed, developer 343 Industries announced today. The title update was due to be released on Wednesday, but has now been pushed back to "later this week," according to a blog post on publisher Microsoft's Halo Waypoint website. The patch is designed to focus on "a variety of fixes across the title, including Matchmaking performance issues, general UI and game stability improvements," that have affected the game since its launch last week. It also provides fixes for "game specific issues in Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 2: Anniversary, and more," according to the blog post. "This week's content update, which was originally scheduled for release this Wednesday, Nov. 19, will now be releasing later this week to allow for additional fixes, as well as the completion of the testing and certification process," stated Microsoft. Microsoft and 343 have been struggling to fix player-reported problems with Halo: The Master Chief Collection since the four-game pack was released. :bravo:
  3. Review muh gameplay :goldenboy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6y5bti6sDQ
  4. Video found here. I was always annoyed with people who were H2 Master Race kind of players, that declared Halo died when Reach came out, or even when H3 came out. I know understand the hype for H2, as I started Halo back in the H3 days, so I never really played H2, now that I have I can now see why so many people favor it for multiplayer. There are a lot of things from newer titles such as Reach/H4 that I'd love to see implemented into a H2 sand box. (No, not sprint.) But that's a totally different conversation. :bravo:
  5. Damn right I would. This Pontiac might not have any tires, or passenger side doors.. Or an engine, but that stuffs just cosmetic anyhow. For you? 12 grand.
  6. There's a reason it's called the Official Unofficial. And you must not know a whole lot about the company or it's love for it's community.
  7. It was approved by a site admin of like 8 Years and he also mentioned the possibility of it becoming the official team if it does well.
  8. Hey guys, I've been making YouTube videos for a while now. But more recently I've been using my newest channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/WebHeadedGamer/videos As much as I advertise, tweet, and spam Reddit with my non Halo related Let's Plays it seems nobody watches my videos except the Halo related ones, even OLD and irrelevant Halo 4 gameplay is getting more views than new gameplay such as Sunset Overdrive. But that's not the point of the thread, the point is, I plan on doing many, many Halo related videos starting Nov 11th when the MCC drops. I have plenty of ideas planned such as :montages, minitages, forge previews, and a few other ideas I have under the wraps; But I want to hear what you guys want to see, what you want to PLAY. If I did a weekly Top 10 what would you guys be more interested to watch or even submit videos for? Consistent Top 10 videos showing off any good play? Or a Top 10 that changes weekly like Top 10 sticks, Top 10 Snipes, Top 10 Backsmacks? Also if I did something a long the line of a YouTube Series of Game Nights what would peak your interests? I'm all ears. And lastly, I have plans on possibly starting a website that solely hosts Halo Ladders, if I did something along those lines what would you guys like to see? Game specific ladders like H2, H3, and H4. Or maybe even a "Halo vet" Ladder where it's [Game 1 -Random map/gametype-H2] [Game 2 -Random map/gametype-H3] [Game 3 -Random map/gametype-H4]? Thanks for your time, any and all feedback is wanted!
  9. I just put out a Let's play for Sunset Overdrive! ") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WpSDkHjt9s
  10. So yeah, my roomate and I decided to record sort of an unplanned let's play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZAjl5_Q5Ak I actually need some help with recording advice but I'll keep that on a separate forum: . http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7233-the-struggle-with-recording/
  11. Alright guys, so I recently did this Battleblock Theater video with my roomate just for fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZAjl5_Q5Ak The problem is it looks like toss because I used the same program to record the webcam and game at the same time. But when I use Xsplit/The Elgato game capture program to record the game THEN record myself watching the gameplay and commentating it looks like this: See? A lot better quality of both the webcam AND the gameplay. So should I try to use two programs while I do live recordings? If s which ones for each? I have one webcam program but it's shit because I can't select my Blue Snowball mic so it picks up my shitty webcam mic.
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