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  1. hey man I'm from the springfield area. I'm down to compete in some tourneys. I didn't know there was a venue like that in mass. The only thing we have is a group of guys that started doing local lans and then grew big enough to start renting out banquet halls. Anyway I'm up for it, send me an invite sometime so we can play some h5. GT- AIspartan07
  2. I'm not from boston but I'm like an hour away from it in mass. I'm from the springfield area. I'm down to learn more about the cash ladders and more tourneys in general. we just got done playing the 4v4 yesterday. the team was split up from 3 different time zones and id like to squad with more people from the east coast. Feel free to add me GT- AIspartan07.
  3. Hey I don't have a team yet but I can hold my own in 4v4. My gt is AIspartan07. If you want we can practice together and try to find a couple others
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