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  1. You do realize how hard it is to set up betting on esports in the US? There's multiple sites hosted by the US that Americans are the only ones who cant bet due to the amount of laws in place to prevent it. Government messes up everything fun because there's a few idiots that ruin it for the masses (example legal fireworks for more states in US)

    I see you've done your research, sportykid. Very good. Most don't realize the steps that you need to take to properly set up esports betting domestically, which is why MoneyMatches is way ahead of the game.

  2. Hi!


    I thought I'd give a bit of feedback (and ask for it as well) about yesterdays' FFA tournament.


    **DISCLAIMER** I'm not mad about losing. I expected to, and simply wanted to use this tournament as a practice opportunity. If I won, great. If not, great. 

    FFA to me is probably the most competitive game-mode that Halo has to offer. It relies on your knowledge of the map, weapon spawns, tricks and ways to get around the map, utilizing certain areas for certain weapons, and most importantly: The ability to aim. 


    As far as yesterdays' tournament goes, I honestly feel like it's pretty ridiculous how it was set up. 


    First of all, it has been proven that any more than 6 people in any map is too many. This is even agreed upon by 343 itself, as it reduced the number of players from initially 8 to now 6. With 8, it's literally impossible to spawn without having another player in your FOV, or being in the FOV of another player. This gives you absolutely no time to get a bearing of the map, what's going on, or time to think about where to go. Instead, it says "hey if you don't get a perfect kill you're fucked."

    The fact that the queue was for 8 players is pretty ridiculous IMO, especially on one of the most open maps the game has (Truth).

    Another issue is with the BR spawns instead of the AR. Again, on such an open map, this opened up literally no time to think, and instead duck behind cover and try not to get killed from across the map. Which by the way, if you were successful in finding a temporary hiding spot, someone else inevitably found you and finished you off. 

    If you were successful in combating the person who found you, someone would inevitably throw a grenade and score a double-kill. 

    In a game of such intense skill, I find that this requires no skill at all, just the ability to catch 2 people in the midst of fighting. 


    That leaves off with the last, the lack of any other weapon on the game. Was this a joke? If I held a SWAT tournament and said "by the way, shotguns only" it wouldn't be SWAT would it?

    The FFA in Halo is set up for people to actually have an immersive time fighting people, ducking around corners, picking up weapons, etc. Not instantly being thrown into a 1 on 1 with only headshots and the first guy who misses loses. 

    I agree that Truth for example has some things that could be taken out for a tournament like the Sword and Invis, but other than that.. That's what the FFA is set up about.


    I'd love to hear some feedback and comments on what you guys think too. 



    Hey KnowIt!


    First off, just wanted to say thanks for voicing your opinion and putting your experience out on here for more opportunity in discussing this. Believe me, I do feel your pain about the misfortunes of spawns and their frequency of one being susceptible to being easily targeted. Like Saucey said above, it really has been the nature of the beast that is FFA since the beginning. That's why even I have a love-hate relationship with it. I've been able to experience tournament play of both the 6-man format and the 8-man format and I can honestly tell you that both come with significant trade-offs. I'm personally opened to either format being implemented in the sense of perhaps one tournament being a certain format and then the next one being of a different kind. I feel that they all serve as different challenges that I welcome. 


    343i seems to be really striving for that 6-man, various weapons on the map style and I am all for that challenge as well. I believe that the future FFA tournaments that 343i sanction will continue to be of this format, and perhaps you will take more liking to that style. I can tell you that either format will create some of the most stressful and frustrating situations that you have ever experienced in competitive FFA as each meta evolves. It's something that excites me and I hope you feel the same way if you decide to get in these tournaments along with us. 

  3. To Beyond staff:


    I signed up earlier to enter the tournament but due to work, I can't make the available time slot for this one. Just checking in so you guys can make that adjustment. Thanks!


    Btw, looking forward to an FFA tournament if you guys ever throw one!

  4. I'm really excited to see IronGaming in full motion. It is totally understandable how most people are sitting back looking at this with skepticism. In the beginning (as in last summer when I first heard of IG), I thought they were a come-and-go attempt at supporting Halo and its live event holders. But as time went by, I began to start asking questions early on as to what their objective was long term and where, in all that, would Halo be a focus. At the end of the day, Halo is what matters to me and is what I hold dearest in terms of competitive gaming no matter which Halo it is.


    As I began to talk more and more with IG over a longer period of time, I began to see the bigger picture of what they were about and their vision. Long story short, what we are seeing now, with all this IG hype, has been a long time coming thing that's been thought out and executed from an incredibly logical and methodical way. I can confidently and honestly say that I have already been convinced of the quality, respectability, and sustainability that IG brings to the table. To see the hype going on around Twitter and wherever else was inevitable...I just never knew when it was going to start.


    With all that being said, I cannot wait to see the future of Halo with IronGaming in it because the future is bright, and I believe that everyone will see as to just what that is in their own due time, respectively.



    In other news, shout out to bsangel.

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