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  1. I see you've done your research, sportykid. Very good. Most don't realize the steps that you need to take to properly set up esports betting domestically, which is why MoneyMatches is way ahead of the game.
  2. Thanks for all of the love and support from everyone along the way from our LOL run up to now. Stoked to carry the Str8 Rippin torch. #Str8Rippin
  3. Hey KnowIt! First off, just wanted to say thanks for voicing your opinion and putting your experience out on here for more opportunity in discussing this. Believe me, I do feel your pain about the misfortunes of spawns and their frequency of one being susceptible to being easily targeted. Like Saucey said above, it really has been the nature of the beast that is FFA since the beginning. That's why even I have a love-hate relationship with it. I've been able to experience tournament play of both the 6-man format and the 8-man format and I can honestly tell you that both come with significant trade-offs. I'm personally opened to either format being implemented in the sense of perhaps one tournament being a certain format and then the next one being of a different kind. I feel that they all serve as different challenges that I welcome. 343i seems to be really striving for that 6-man, various weapons on the map style and I am all for that challenge as well. I believe that the future FFA tournaments that 343i sanction will continue to be of this format, and perhaps you will take more liking to that style. I can tell you that either format will create some of the most stressful and frustrating situations that you have ever experienced in competitive FFA as each meta evolves. It's something that excites me and I hope you feel the same way if you decide to get in these tournaments along with us.
  4. My team needs a good team to scrim before the HCS Bonus Cup today. We'll all be on by 12pm EST. Looking to scrim by 12:30. Msg me here or XBL GT: HoaXfactor Squad: Bucko, Nineblade, and Revamp
  5. To Beyond staff: I signed up earlier to enter the tournament but due to work, I can't make the available time slot for this one. Just checking in so you guys can make that adjustment. Thanks! Btw, looking forward to an FFA tournament if you guys ever throw one!

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