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  1. I think you're forgetting the part where cratos is a braindead child. He was like that in 2008, 2011, and, lo and behold, he still is in 2016. It doesn't matter if he got better at the game and has an org behind him with money - he is the scum of the halo community. Always has been, always will be.
  2. Spotted the bronze. Riot did not remove lane swaps because low tier players cannot do it. They removed it cuz it's fucking boring as hell.
  3. Rob always has and always will have a massive ego. I bet he's still mad 4 years later that I dodged his 1v1 challenges.
  4. I... I think I hate this guy. How can one man be so out of touch?
  5. Possibly because the competition wasn't as stiff as the old school homers make it out to be? Not saying that is 100% the case, but it's certainly a possibility that is simply never entertained by the 'old school' players.
  6. Which, when you look back on it, is hilarious. How many good teams were there in h2? The answer is 2-4 at one time. There were only ever like 10-15 really good players. Which is just about the same amount now (some might argue there's some more better players now, even). Like, who was so good in h2 that was placing top 8? Look at this list of players that placed top 8 at 2006 nats: Vash Mack Vegetto Lightking Pyrocy Shook One Ramby Poon Samurai DAMMNNNNNN the top 8 was loaded from top to bottom!!!
  7. So not only is he the biggest rager, he's also the most delusional. People don't judge Naded as a rager/tilter because of a 'few streams' - they think that because of him tilting at every single LAN event since 2006.
  8. Listening to teams like Optic and Elevate in listen-ins, you can see one of the (many) reasons CLG is the best team. During CLG listen ins, you can hear everything every player is saying: there's no talking over each other. Optic (and most others) listen ins are complete garbage and screaming. You can maybe understand 5% of the words that are said.
  9. Are you a fan of every team? lol? Must be a rough life. Do you like the Cavs, Warriors, Spurs, and Thunder for the NBA?
  10. Agree with you completely, but just so ya know, yeah, real life does definitely have safe spaces. Research what's happened at Oberlin, for example. (Unless you want to argue that college isn't real life in which case, lol.)
  11. https://twitter.com/OpTicMaNiaC/status/743711225352060928 Optic Gaming, everyone.
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