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  1. Dallay

    Graphics Thread

    I'm sorry, what? Heres some of my new stuff, havn't done it in a while so my style is a little different i guess?
  2. So why doesn't the FFA leaderboards work for week 2 for me?
  3. welcome to the forums
  4. Dallay

    Graphics Thread

    This is some of my old stuff i used to mess with . Looking to start again though
  5. how about make me a logo :O
  6. Up to date now NOTE: added an "around the border" subsection for people pretty close to florida who can come to lans and stuff.
  7. When will the next sign up be. Sorry i missed this one
  8. i just wanna watch the whole season at once
  9. Keep sprint. Keep the game as it is or it will not see any rise. Halo is just starting to pick back up again and it did so with sprint. Changing this now can mess it all up again. Lets move past the nostalgic h1/2/3 gameplay and move onto something new that will break the trend of what halo will be. New games like titanfall and destiny will all include sprint. Having a game that doesn't will keep us stuck in the old gameplay style, and even though i love it, has to be left behind.
  10. How do you decide who moves on? Will it be like top 4 moves on to the next round? or just first place?
  11. Sorry i was late to upload.
  12. Not since the accident...
  13. Only thing i got out of that
  14. Can a mod please move this
  15. I'm optimistic so, yes. With bravo and Quinn in the loop it gives me a little more hope.
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