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  1. Any news on FL lans?


    Not that I know of being christmas break I feel like everyone is out traveling and what not. If people know of small tournaments 1v1s, 2v2s, and 4v4s in Florida you are welcome to post them here. Even lan centers where people get together to play. 



  2. I have a Team of 3 looking for 1 person, we're all Florida locals. We're mostly looking at online and local tourneys for now until we gel or what have you but we're all laid back people that want to work together and work on improving, we have no event experience, but we're willing to play hard to get better.


    Message Bias Logic if you're interested on XBL (I don't check here that often)


    I'll shoot you a message and see what you guys have 


    edit: I'm going to be really busy this week traveling and what not but i'm going to try and play with everyone I can

  3. Sorry guys i let this thread die. I'm going to be updating this today and tomorrow to get everyone on the list. 




    Finished updating the thread, I hope all the players are still active so start sending your friend request. Tons of Players in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. 

  4. I was wondering what everyone thought about smoke grenades being put into Halo. And if it would be a good or bad thing to add in for the game.


    I feel like it would make everything more intense. Not only in just pushes, but also in escaping and creating distractions. Resulting in more people wanting to play/watch, etc.


    EDIT: Also I think this would only work if it was no sprint and if it was a pick up on the map. (Meaning players don't just spawn with it. That would be pure chaos). Also the nade would have to be a short radius for a short amount of time. This way players still can predict where the opponent went to instead of being left in the dark.


    Smoke gernades slow down gameplay, ruin 1v1 encounters and team fights.

  5. I created my signature (my team logo). I've been passionate about design in Photoshop for years but I never really use any other programs. What kind of programs do you guys use?


    Photoshop CS6 at the moment.

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