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  1. Wow just watched the vod from pistolas stream, not to surprised though. Being a wizard takes its toll on the mind.
  2. GT: Dallay Lama Will play H2A or Team Hardcore or any competative custom games. Inv
  3. Who's playing on Noble Black anyone can tell me?
  4. game plays great and i think the sprint and thrusters are balanced
  5. Looking for a team ASAP. Have event experience. Top 48 twice. add me GT: Dallay Lama
  6. Not that I know of being christmas break I feel like everyone is out traveling and what not. If people know of small tournaments 1v1s, 2v2s, and 4v4s in Florida you are welcome to post them here. Even lan centers where people get together to play. Thanks
  7. I'll shoot you a message and see what you guys have edit: I'm going to be really busy this week traveling and what not but i'm going to try and play with everyone I can
  8. Sorry guys i let this thread die. I'm going to be updating this today and tomorrow to get everyone on the list. edit: Finished updating the thread, I hope all the players are still active so start sending your friend request. Tons of Players in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa.
  9. GT: Dallay Lama for online tournaments and maybe events if good enough of a squad I'll also fill in for teams that need an extra player for scrims
  10. I don't know if anyone remembers me, but Hi.
  11. Smoke gernades slow down gameplay, ruin 1v1 encounters and team fights.
  12. Dallay

    Graphics Thread

    This guy has a boner for me......I'm okay with this
  13. Dallay

    Graphics Thread

    Photoshop CS6 at the moment.
  14. Dallay

    Graphics Thread

    Still have no idea what you're trying to say man sorry
  15. You put a lot of time into this. I actually read the whole thing and can agree with most of what you said as a whole. I think to prevent a quitting a system like LoL should be implemented where if you quit you won't be able to do anything halo related until the game is over. So there would be no point in quitting
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