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  1. ok seriously these commentators need to cast the worlds. http://www.twitch.tv/esl_halo
  2. Ninja only went positive on 1 of those games, is he having a hard time filling into his role?
  3. I think Suds are moving up in the world of competative play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kVM4pu0IEw
  4. Anyone have a link to the interview with calm about adderall?
  5. but yet since he is "TSquared" he will end up on a good team and leave good am players struggling to find good players.
  6. Looking to to run games with people, would really prefer people with 600+ points so we don't get bracket fucked in the next online qualifier. GT: Dallay Lama.
  7. Anyone know Chigs team, i know he was with the leftovers for a little bit.
  8. They made placing in swat more strenuous, most people are getting placed in plat and diamond, snipedown got placed in platninum.
  9. I feel like people just make a forum account here just to complain lol. on a side note, i have always liked the aiming for halo 5 and i still do after the update. I played on 4 sensitivity before, now I'm on 3 with acceleration set to 4 feels great i can aim well and turn around like i did when i was on 4.
  10. I feel like people are not utilizing this thread very much, people are posting in it, but I haven't had anyone add from here in a while. I'm champ 166 in arena, if anyone is around that or even like onyx 1800+. message me and i'll play with you in arena. and if you're not i'll play with you in anything else like slayer or breakout. GT: Dallay Lama
  11. List is up to date. This is more frustrating to do than I thought.
  12. Nice idea F/A All online events and most lan events GT: Dallay Lama
  13. nope you will be dissapointed with how greasy I am.
  14. I'm the greasiest halo player you will ever play with. Pick me up and you will be disappointed. GT: Dallay Lama
  15. Sorry for the double post if there is one, but 5sk pistol is absolutely fine. It isn't made to perfect shot every player across the map. The game would be boring in my eyes if it was BR start, it is just way too easy to use and is way to forgiving on a players aim. Everyone is complaining about bullet magnetism, but when I use the BR i find it hard to not kill someone in 4 shots.
  16. I can 100% agree with this. I played on 4 sensitivity from HCE all the way to MCC. i hoped on Halo 5 and it felt extremely slow. I ended up raising my sensitivity every few minutes until it felt right and now I'm playing on 7. But from my standpoint, I feel like players are just searching for reasons to complain about the game. As you said, this happens in almost all console shooters, some more than others. Players should just get used to it and point interest towards things that actually need to be changed, like matching Teams of 4 when your searching solo- my all time least favorite thing.
  17. I see. I really can't really complain about this, they are just trying to help out the noobs. In my eyes, this really doesn't have a huge affect on the playing field when top tier players are involved. Also, is there a video of this happening on weapons with a smaller cross hair like the magnum?
  18. I keep seeing everyone complain about the aiming....What exactly is wrong with it. I've been playing since launch and i really don't see anything wrong. All my shots register perfectly.
  19. Anyone else's CSR in onyx locked??? I keep winning and it just stays the same.
  20. Is anyone as frustrated as I am, that we continue to get a matchmaking where you can match a team of 4 when you're searching alone. This was beyond the best feature of halo 3. It was discontinued in halo: reach, then Halo 4, then MCC, and NOW Halo 5. I used to think searching alone was bad in halo 3, but after playing these recent games, it is just hell. Not to mention how players got ranked into their divisions. I'm at onyx 1600 at the moment and I keep matching players that are onyx and diamond, so they got that part right. But HOW THE HELL do these players get into diamond. I swear most of these guys play without thumb sticks. I don't usually complain about anything, I don't even mind the radar being in the competitive playlist, but seriously, how are people supposed to enjoy playing when they are getting stomped by every team of 4 they play.
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