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  1. So, I saw Hecz video about how we are the reason halo's community is so dead and I can't help but say, that I agree with everything he was saying. So I'm taking action to try and do something. I know I'm not the best player or the best to watch, but i feel if some people start watching and get into the community, then I did something.


    I don't really know too much about making videos so I'm just winging it.


    Subscribe to my channel, I need enough subscribers so I can get a custom youtube handle. 


    With nothing else to be said, heres my first ever youtube clip. 


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    X Games Match Schedule. Start the match predictions so I can reference what the community says on the show.



    Allegiance vs Epsilon

    CLG vs PENTA

    Leftovers vs Team Liquid

    Evil Geniuses vs Dream Team



    Leftovers vs. Epsilon
    Dream Team vs. PENTA Sports
    Team Allegiance vs. Team Liquid
    Evil Geniuses vs. CLG
    Food Break
    Team Liquid vs. Epsilon
    Evil Geniuses vs. PENTA Sports
    Team Allegiance vs. Leftovers
    CLG vs. Dream Team




    Allegiance vs Epsilon - Allegiance

    CLG vs PENTA - CLG

    Leftovers vs Team Liquid - Leftovers

    Evil Geniuses vs Dream Team - Evil Geniuses



    Leftovers vs. Epsilon - Leftovers
    Dream Team vs. PENTA Sports - Dream Team
    Team Allegiance vs. Team Liquid - Allegiance
    Evil Geniuses vs. CLG - Evil Geniuses
    Food Break - pizza
    Team Liquid vs. Epsilon - Liquid
    Evil Geniuses vs. PENTA Sports - Evil Geniuses
    Team Allegiance vs. Leftovers - Leftovers
    CLG vs. Dream Team - CLG

  3. Playing through SWAT right now. Have 9 placement matches, going about 3.0+ every game and winning like 7 of 9. I look at post game carnage after every game and it's placing me against Gold every game... Something tells me I'll be coming out of this in Gold, while absolutely crushing everyone I'm playing, and being Diamond in all other playlists...


    They made placing in swat more strenuous, most people are getting placed in plat and diamond, snipedown got placed in platninum.

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