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  1. Imaging going up 49-40 and losing two times in a row in the semi finals of the HWC.
  2. You're just looking for stuff to complain about.
  3. peak mlg viewers back in halo 3 was quoted from sundance topped at 35k for Dallas 2012. But I guess our population numbers are low.
  4. Pucket is such a good commentator, he really sells the players which is what we need right now.
  5. That mikwen play at the end of the coliseum game made me cringe. On a side note: anyone else rooting for denial here?
  6. We lost in the round for top 8 against 2mil or windmill. They were pretty good games, but yea man ggs to you and your squad <3
  7. I'll start doing that from now on, thank you for the input man <3
  8. at 5:04 i had a disguting no scope, but RIP to your headphones.
  9. Heres just a random gameplay that came out to be a pretty close win. I was going in solo, and only 1 person had a mic as you could tell.
  10. In the recent weeks, I am really starting to see our community grow and i love it. Thanks guys for everything everyone does <3
  11. This is so hype, im just gonna stay home and play halo all day.
  12. So, I saw Hecz video about how we are the reason halo's community is so dead and I can't help but say, that I agree with everything he was saying. So I'm taking action to try and do something. I know I'm not the best player or the best to watch, but i feel if some people start watching and get into the community, then I did something. I don't really know too much about making videos so I'm just winging it. Subscribe to my channel, I need enough subscribers so I can get a custom youtube handle. With nothing else to be said, heres my first ever youtube clip.
  13. Friday Allegiance vs Epsilon - Allegiance CLG vs PENTA - CLG Leftovers vs Team Liquid - Leftovers Evil Geniuses vs Dream Team - Evil Geniuses Saturday Leftovers vs. Epsilon - Leftovers Dream Team vs. PENTA Sports - Dream Team Team Allegiance vs. Team Liquid - Allegiance Evil Geniuses vs. CLG - Evil Geniuses Food Break - pizza Team Liquid vs. Epsilon - Liquid Evil Geniuses vs. PENTA Sports - Evil Geniuses Team Allegiance vs. Leftovers - Leftovers CLG vs. Dream Team - CLG
  14. not related to your comment at all, your signature is pure gold. Thank you
  15. I don't think T2 can hang yet with better players, maybe in the future, but str8 should leave squared and pick up someone else.
  16. lol, I remember this, didn't he call hotel security? On a side note: will overdrive step it up this next tourney they are sitting right below 15th :O
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