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  1. So I was thinking about the players that could make the up 16 Invited Teams for the April 30th Online Qualifier.


    With 16 teams, there'll be 64 players invited into the Qualifier. Here's the list I made (for sake of formatting, I put EG as the PAX East LAN winner. But obviously, if one of the other 3 teams wins that, replace that team with the EG members, in this list).


    These names are just a list, not a ranking in any form.



    This is only players I tracked at different times over the course of the HWC season (not including Chig, Elumnite, Elamite, Clutch who have switched to coaching). There are other players who are up-and-coming that will join this list as well.


    So if you're a player on this list, get your team together, and make it a good one. Because if the "HCS Council" doesn't think your team is good enough to be invited to the 16-Team Online Qualifier, you won't be getting invited.


    I didn't make the list :(, might as well quit halo now

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