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  1. We need free spectators man, theres hardly any profit in it anyways
  2. Dallay


    8th placd
  3. I just bought mine from the console store, still havn't gotten the pack yet on my game.
  4. Dallay


  5. HeyGuys. Theres going to be a couple really good AM squads coming out and breaking into the pro scene
  6. watched that live had me in tears for a second, just the way kevin sat at the door scared to go a little bit further.
  7. Dallay

    Nuck and Futs

    No description was entered
  8. youre invited man i know you're in the ucf area.
  9. at the end of may/early june i will make tweet about it.
  10. Well you already know you have an invite
  11. If I hold a lan at my apartment close to UCF in Orlando, who is willing to go? will probably happen early july edit: Also list is up date
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uPIqhPD_iY&feature=youtu.be
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