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  1. Good news: Spent Spring Break in Costa Rica

    Bad news: Missed every match last weekend except EG vs. Cryptik on airport WiFI


    With Devon moving from 3sup to Cryptik for BabyJ, guessing 3sup will pick up BabyJ now? What does everyone think of these changes?


    Also can't decide whether to root for Cryptik, Splyce, or EG for LCQ. So many good teams left out this year :(


    3sup picked up Claim again

  2. Two things I notice here, and one thing I want to reiterate:


    1) Right as I try to become an upstanding member of this community again, I see more of the same old same old. Even a few days ago this place seemed constructive and looking forward to the future, but this is just the same shit all over again.


    2) It seems to be the farther east the event is held, the better attended/participated in it is. Chattanooga, a non-343, non-HCS, smaller prize pool tourney had more teams than Orange County and 2016 Vegas combined. The only one that has come close? St. Louis. Just saying. Please don't put Worlds in fucking Burbank or Anaheim. I'm looking forward to ATL.


    3) I just sat thru a 40 minute technical timeout at Eleague. In the Fox Theater. This tourney has really opened my eyes to just how hard it is to run a local, dedicated server. Production value still fantastic, thanks to Turner.


    I'm praying for Orlando, for obvious reasons, but anywhere on the southeast coast would be prime. Nice weather and a short commute

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  3. Audio checks and operation was performed on Thursday and no problems were had, on Friday first match kicked off and audio became a issue. I was the Event Manager so my job is to over see all operations but 343 was still the final say on all higher level manners. Scenario 1 if you are directing or switching audio you should have someone on comms basically saying everything that should be happening this is the producer if the producer says switch to this you switch but they are also supposed to be making sure the items are correct and ready, this did not happen until Sunday when tashi would oversee the info, there was a few errors with dropbox where the graphics would not update when sent to the Director do to all the videos being uploaded at the same time from 343 team. Same with audio settings would be changed but the software would not update. This all may seem like easy fixes but until you can find the problem its hard to fix and some times you have to take the stream down to fix them. It was worked on as fast as possible but please keep in mind 90% of the production team does not get paid and UGC covered all Operation cost for this event. It 1000% should have been better and that is on all of us not just one person. 




    We know it will be solved for the next 1 :)

  4. Feel free to attack me for this, but are the auto's a little strong in Gears 4? I have gone against some teams that all run gnasher together, and absolutely shred. I'm not the biggest gear head yet, so bare with me.

    mean lancer? if so yea the lancer is a good not but not too powerful it makes weapon use important in each scenario 

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