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  4. I live here in Orlando, and I just skeeze it anyways. Theres not really any active members that monitor whose an uber and whose not
  5. We know what Maniac does outside of Halo now https://clips.twitch.tv/ApatheticSuperFerretJebaited
  6. I'm praying for Orlando, for obvious reasons, but anywhere on the southeast coast would be prime. Nice weather and a short commute
  7. Didn't die to this melee? https://oddshot.tv/shot/UzqW8iKqW8hP8IEg7VC3ooWm
  8. Bump for threads sake. How about the 2k yesterday, anyone see any good teams they liked beside the usual
  9. mean lancer? if so yea the lancer is a good not but not too powerful it makes weapon use important in each scenario
  10. The camera guy walking around watching the series not on mainstage is SOOO MUCH better than the slow mo clips over and over and over. @@Phade
  11. I know this is the pro league thread. But the open circuit teams this season are really good. I know The Chat Shade Squad (Nemassist, Boamx, Dastroyed, and Yiws) scrimmed ALG and won 4-2(?)
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