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  1. Post your gamer tag and city. I'll update this thread everyday. This thread is also used to announce local LANs, tournaments, and Florida customs. Send me a private message if you would like your LAN or Tournament information displayed on this comment at the top! Altemonte Springs: BigSchweiz Boynton Beach: CMURDERSWAGGER Cape Coral: Shadow1215 Daytona Beach: Trad3Mark I AM DESPISED Optimus Primai dewainestain Deltona: Tremblemcp Almighty A2 Ft. Laurderdale: Arcaos Avenger V Fort Myres: Finest Blains Dyno ZF Zalieum Gent Heart T2Profanity Fort Walton Beach: Trestle Foolinuhround Snip3God HCS Gainesville: Crewman IX CH080 Hollywood: JoeyForte Jacksonville: Religious Error Ruckus Live Pharmassist Dekzda M Sensei Ruckus Tiggy TANKS EmBossable WorstNovak Zurg Kissimmee: ChronicHCS Miami: panic rails Luminite Shadow Devaneaux Wiizzzaard TI Inspire Amiibo aairSick briannxbox360 Nightmar3Outlaw Papa does work C NxTE Dark Remalf Who Sting tR Frenzii Miami Gardens: Ayysian Alex Navarre: xGeeBeeZ Naples: pkmn mstr kyle Ocala: Pronation theredblurrrrrr Orlando: Dallay MetaNigh7 Torlain DRAC0N1K xlxlCROBARlxlx Mac Da Murderer Floppie a waffle Noble dl SattvicMatt So Energized Constante K DevinsthatDude Vader321 BED 21 EBENEZER7 i126u Chiptendo Zohiartze HEELCheese Sir Stick Bollololol Numlits Yinzer4Prez ll Firelight ll Oviedo: NSelty (UCF AREA) Palm Beach: KMART Palm City: Aminal dr Palm Harbor: Drekic Palm Coast: Agile Lidistus Allstar Panama City: Ab0mLoki Pensacola: NbD Run FeaR PureVisioN P u r i f y Whitey FPS Pompano Beach: MindCharger Rockledge: Brother Hiatus Sarasota, FL: Fyrecide SpooKeeeZy TruJakka Swish St. Augustine: Zarnerz Tallahassee: MURPHINATOR FIRESLTE The Acclain G r e n a d a z System STATS Tampa: The Frenetic Jacob Hayzee Go Alienable RespectTheSwamp Shak3 2 Da Bake Call me Parad0x BxSouljah UbiquitousChris hiimbrandonnnn Welfare Queen I ninjafaces Adapt to Crime Crazyrealmadrid Ko8eNades Nike iz Ninja AoK Ryan Thee Theory St3ppinSid3wayz a_HulkuM XGN Real West Palm Beach: Quiet snip3r Amati dco toolbox lags TRAP GOD GUWAP Along The Border: cJinxr
  2. I live here in Orlando, and I just skeeze it anyways. Theres not really any active members that monitor whose an uber and whose not
  3. We know what Maniac does outside of Halo now https://clips.twitch.tv/ApatheticSuperFerretJebaited
  4. I'm praying for Orlando, for obvious reasons, but anywhere on the southeast coast would be prime. Nice weather and a short commute
  5. Didn't die to this melee? https://oddshot.tv/shot/UzqW8iKqW8hP8IEg7VC3ooWm
  6. Bump for threads sake. How about the 2k yesterday, anyone see any good teams they liked beside the usual
  7. mean lancer? if so yea the lancer is a good not but not too powerful it makes weapon use important in each scenario
  8. The camera guy walking around watching the series not on mainstage is SOOO MUCH better than the slow mo clips over and over and over. @@Phade
  9. I know this is the pro league thread. But the open circuit teams this season are really good. I know The Chat Shade Squad (Nemassist, Boamx, Dastroyed, and Yiws) scrimmed ALG and won 4-2(?)
  10. We need free spectators man, theres hardly any profit in it anyways

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