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  1. As in you buy the "Arena pack" bundle and get two packs every week for seven weeks. One off purchase of the "Arena pack", get 14 packs spread over seven weeks.
  2. What's really going to bug me about this poll is that a lot of people are just going to vote on their hair trigger reaction. Radar, with the added movement speed, slide and boost, actually works. Instead, people who haven't even tried playing H5 without radar are going to be like "MAH OLD MLG SETTINGS!"
  3. Are these open to people from the UK too?
  4. Hey, I am from the UK and am looking to get better at this game. Am keen to play some octagon and 2v2 flag warmup with people for a bit whenever really as I want to practice some 1v1 dueling (currently quite a weak part of my game). I also want to play some sweaty customs whenever possible, 4v4 team arena game types as I need to greatly work on my map positioning and understanding of the spawn system. I am a pretty easy going person, don't get stressed at the game and have a pretty happy go lucky attitude on the outside, however, on in the inside there is a fierce desire to compete and win. In the future I am keen to get involved with the competitive scene and would be keen to play in the Gfinity cups on Sundays that are running at the moment, so if anyone is in the same sort of boat, it would be cool to play some customs and shizz. I am currently Onyx in Slayer (1600~) and FFA (1800~) but probably got there through luck more than skill for the time being. Hit me up anytime , am keen to get involved. GT: ABNWZ
  5. Why are they terrible? In detail please...
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