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  1. The Red Bull stream has been super comfy, hope they do more of these. Very relaxed atmosphere and high quality Halo.
  2. As someone into the campaigns, I can forgive no gameplay if the trailer is at least interesting. And Halo has a history of good trailers, even the Halo 4 announcement trailer was really great. But this was just terrible, a shockingly bad tease. I couldn't be more disappointed.
  3. It's entirely possible that the people complaining about the bad connection are doing so to cover up or make excuses for their poor performance. I mean, I'm not playing on it, so they certainly know better than me, but as an observer, I haven't seen any more bullshit bloodshots in any of the three events. They could be doing this without even being consciously aware that they're doing it. That kind of attitude isn't uncommon, even among the best winners in the world. But to suggest that Ola's tweet is some kind of dig at TOX is out of this world crazy. Everyone's playing on the same bullshit, it's not even the kind of shade that would make sense. This seems very similar to the time when Eric tweeted out GGs after finally beating CLG in a scrim in H5 and Lethul lost it for no reason. From my perspective, there was no malicious intent in either tweet, and Lethul constantly seeing it from others is beneath the dude who hasn't missed a finals since the previous President. The only person I see being petty here is Lethul. Regardless, Ola, Snipedown, and Lethul should all take notes from Snakebite and Roybox. Win or lose, those guys are always respectful, complimentary to whoever beat them, and rarely make any kind of complaints.
  4. I continue to be confused when people suggest combining Hardcore and regular Arena gametypes into one playlist. There are numerous players who only want to play one type of settings. If you think quitting is bad in a regular cross-game playlist, wait until you see the casuals quitting out of your Hardcore gametypes and vice versa.
  5. What are you looking for then? It's tough to discuss things when you don't even clearly express your opinion.
  6. Because Tox is way better than Splyce? Splyce 4-0ed Tox first, and then the series they lost the scores were 100-85, 50-49, like 150-130, and then 3-1 (though I admit the last game wasn't close at all). It took clutch plays in every game for Tox to secure the win. This was not a dominating performance at all, I don't care what the final series score says.
  7. Even when the teams are finally close in H5, we somehow still get boring 4-0 series.
  8. Look at something like Smash. There's no doubt that items in Smash make the game less fair and balanced. They're extraordinarily luck based and the right item at the right time can turn the tide of a match. Yet, tons of people prefer them to the objectively more competitive, fair, and balanced playset of no items. They *like* the randomness and chaos that items provide, because they aren't looking for the most fair or balanced game mode. The same applies to Halo (which at its core is a party game that could just have easily been designed by Nintendo). SMG starts are undoubtedly worse, but tons of people prefer them because it offers them more variety in their playstyle (not just "because their aim sucks," which is an unfair attempt at trivializing an uncomfortable opposing viewpoint). I don't agree with the viewpoint, but I can't deny their numbers, and I don't see a reason to deny them what they want, especially when we already have a system designed to solve this very problem. Offering a variety of playlists should reasonably allow most every one to be somewhat happy. If you don't like casual settings, just play a different playlist. The idea of competitive players trying to dominate the *social* playlist is just as repugnant to me as casual players trying to decide settings for Hardcore. We have like 10 playlists already in MCC. I think two of them don't have BR starts, H3 Arena and Social Slayer (H2 Arena accidentally has one gametype with SMG starts which will be fixed). Play one of the others if it annoys you this much.
  9. What a person finds fun is absolutely subjective and absolutely on equal footing to whatever it is you may find fun. We're not discussing which gametype is more competitively viable, we're discussing preferences. Please don't try and rewrite history to suggest any of the Halo maps were designed around BR starts. Bungie never, ever wanted BR starts in any Halo game. Their legacy was to diminish the usefulness of the utility weapon with each sequel they released. Bungie designed Halo with the idea that players would run top middle with an automatic and spray whatever was in front of them over and over and over. That's the game they designed. It's an accident that there's any competitive viability in any of these games. Your preference is not superior. Your preference is your preference. Keeping what I just said in mind about how Bungie designed these games, there are many people who look at a utility weapon as not being the "proper" Halo experience. Just because your preference allows for more competitive games does not mean it is the better experience. It just means it's more competitive. No one is forcing you to do anything. Quite the opposite. There are other playlists that don't have any SMG/AR starts at all. If you can't "relax" because there's an arbitrary number that will likely be reset again anyway in front of your made up Internet name, that's on you.
  10. Why not? Why are your subjective preferences superior to theirs?
  11. I'm totally fine with AR/SMG starts in the social Slayer playlist. Tons of players do prefer not starting with a BR for whatever fucking reason, and if you're going to appeal to them, then a grab-bag unranked playlist with all of the games is where you appeal to them. Ranked should always be BR starts though.
  12. "In the coming days, as more players install the update, the title arrives on Xbox Game Pass, and the online population grows - MCC’s Matchmaking Playlists will expand to the following:" From the Waypoint post.
  13. MLG settings are different from the vanilla H3, so yeah it's going to play differently. I actually agree with limiting the number of playlists to start, but not including H3 Hardcore is a huge mistake. That's what people like Snip3down and other big Halo streamers want to play. You want those guys playing and streaming to give your new update free advertisement. I have no idea why 343 didn't think of this, but I guess I'm not surprised.

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