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  1. They released the point value for each player. 1st has 219 and 2nd has 216. Some people put #2 as number one. I'm going to take a guess and assume the remaining top 10 is something like: 1. Ogre2 2. Lethul 3. Snakebite 4. Royal 2 5. Frosty 6. Snipedown 7. Ola 8. Roy 9. Lunchbox 10. Walshy Hope I'm very wrong though.
  2. Lethul has an absolute lock on #2 given what we've seen so far. Many judges wanted him to be #1.
  3. Yeah, he is. Don't feed him. He definitely thinks H5 is most skillful, but he's bitched repeatedly about H3's BR. And no one actually likes H4 no descope, like come on.
  4. Always was. The map in the screenshot looks awful.
  5. If you cut out like 80% of the shot and just focus on the mountain directly in front of him, it looks okay.
  6. I cannot believe how ugly the game looks. The AR and pistol looked like alpha textures. I can't believe we've waited 5 years for this.
  7. Or maybe even, I don't know, not right when PC Reach launches and no one is even thinking about H5. Reminds me of when they first removed AR from Arena. They kept the default settings as Team Arena as the top playlist, put the updated settings as a playlist called just "HCS" as the very last playlist, and then put up a Waypoint article a while later talking about how Team Arena was way more popular than HCS. Yeah, no kidding.
  8. Tried Mythic Arena out last night. Immediately got my placement in one sitting, which I haven't done since H5 launched, and kept playing afterwards. It's ~very~ fun. Not really sold on all of the maps, but the mechanics are solid.
  9. The Red Bull stream has been super comfy, hope they do more of these. Very relaxed atmosphere and high quality Halo.
  10. As someone into the campaigns, I can forgive no gameplay if the trailer is at least interesting. And Halo has a history of good trailers, even the Halo 4 announcement trailer was really great. But this was just terrible, a shockingly bad tease. I couldn't be more disappointed.
  11. It's entirely possible that the people complaining about the bad connection are doing so to cover up or make excuses for their poor performance. I mean, I'm not playing on it, so they certainly know better than me, but as an observer, I haven't seen any more bullshit bloodshots in any of the three events. They could be doing this without even being consciously aware that they're doing it. That kind of attitude isn't uncommon, even among the best winners in the world. But to suggest that Ola's tweet is some kind of dig at TOX is out of this world crazy. Everyone's playing on the same bullshit, it's not even the kind of shade that would make sense. This seems very similar to the time when Eric tweeted out GGs after finally beating CLG in a scrim in H5 and Lethul lost it for no reason. From my perspective, there was no malicious intent in either tweet, and Lethul constantly seeing it from others is beneath the dude who hasn't missed a finals since the previous President. The only person I see being petty here is Lethul. Regardless, Ola, Snipedown, and Lethul should all take notes from Snakebite and Roybox. Win or lose, those guys are always respectful, complimentary to whoever beat them, and rarely make any kind of complaints.
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