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  1. On what planet does Arsene Wenger keep his job after losing the title to either Leicester or Spurs?
  2. Chelsea won because the ref waved play on for a foul they committed and then scored off it.
  3. Order has been restored Arsenal in 4th
  4. Fraser Forster is jesus reincarnated
  6. I think QPR wanted him to be the catalyst that sparked an bounce back to the Premier League but it didn't pan out, they regret rejecting 12 million from Leicester in the Summer I bet.
  7. Love the Charlie Austin signing, could end up being signing of the season. As for the above post you're gonna need to cough up more than 25 million for Mane try 35-40 million.
  8. If Arsenal fans think losing 4-0 has anything to do with the referees after how one sided he was towards Arsenal in the first half you need to give your head a shake.
  9. Nice finish my one of my best childhood friends and former teammates John Swift playing for Brentford on loan from Chelsea.
  10. They will fall off they are too reliant on him and he isn't going to score every game. They haven't really had any tests so far this season either and their next 7 games are going to be really tough.
  11. Man United have to stop Vardy to keep Ruud's record intact, have a feeling he'll be Mike Smalling's pocket money though.
  12. Yes because comparing the accomplishments of a club that was almost extinct 5 years ago to that of one of the biggest clubs in the world is pretty intelligent. Anyway, as for the goal of the season so far I'd go for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQmZ05x9n6o
  13. It must be great being an Arsenal supporter rolling in all those trophies you've won in the past 10 years
  14. so Liverpool win 3-1 away at Chelsea and Klopp and Liverpool are world beaters but we win 3-1 away at Chelsea and all the media attention is on Mourinho and not the fact we were better
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