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  1. I have a friend who competed back in the day who just recently came back. We have been running games lately and can't find two good players to start molding a team. We just want two people who know how to play. He is still learning the maps but will catch on quick. Gt Valtiva, I also have smart glass as well
  2. Looking for two people who know how to play arena/slayer and know the callouts. A buddy and myself are looking to grind, just really need two good players. I'm mid onyx and he is diamond six. GT: Valtiva
  3. Hay man, a friend and I are looking for for two more players as well, we are both est and usually play the same time as you, weekends we play all day. Maybe we can get some games in and see how it goes? Gt: Valtiva
  4. My friend and I are as well, we keep playing with not so good people. GT: Valtiva I'm on the east coast and onyx in both slayer and arena
  5. Wareham MA, looking for some people to play competitive matchmaking, maybe get a team going GT Valtiva
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