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  1. Watch til the end. 343 adding ice skating animations to H1 confirmed xboxdvr.com/Smylie+Cyrus/6dc357fb-d56c-4a92-b0b2-008524b5e989
  2. trying out nade tricks, I never knew about this one before xboxdvr.com/Smylie+Cyrus/143446ce-02fa-43cf-862d-69177486afb4
  3. I usually start mine at the beginning of the map loading screen. The timer will still be behind by about 3 seconds but that's better than 10.
  4. Mildly related, there's a team of dudes trying to remake Halo 3 on PC using Cryengine 3.
  5. Me and Akademik lost a good one against Saustin, GG.
  6. 1. I pass recommended other than using Windows 8.1. 2. Radeon 7970. 3. Forced vsync through RadeonPro, no FPS Limiter. I tried using FPS Limiter once but I'm not sure I got it to work right since nothing changed.
  7. Been running more games using the new launcher and I think I have a better understanding of my framerate issues while using it. My games always start out at 60fps when I first boot up H2. After I play for maybe 10-15 minutes, my framerate slowly begins to drop by like 1-2 fps per minute. If I play for long enough, my framerate will be down in the 20s and I'll need to reboot H2 to make it go back to 60fps. I'm not sure how the new launcher factors in to all this.
  8. I've been having some framerate issues ever since I started using the H2 Shark thing, the game stutters to the point where it's almost unplayable. Didn't have any issues before using it.
  9. I was bored so I made a halo version of that Vince McMahon gif. Enjoy.
  10. So with the LAN being tomorrow, do you guys have a preferred time for us to show up? Since I have to drive about 4 hours, I might leave early in the morning so I can get there with some time to set everything up. Thread should be stickied imo.
  11. So I found out that I don't work on Saturday which means I'm like 98% confirmed. Still working out the details on the off-chance I work super early in the morning Sunday or something. I see that some other people have streaming equipment also. Should we have everybody just bring their setup? Once we're all actually there, we can take inventory of everything and figure out how best to stream.
  12. Maybe by this weekend. I need to make sure I don't work on the 24th or that I'll be able to get someone to cover my shift if I do. Hard for me to say at this point. If you bring your elgato anyway, we might be able to get a POV changing thing going by hooking it up to my PC and using both cards at once.
  13. I'm not 100% on being able to show up, but if I can, I could bring my desktop PC which can stream HDMI. My pops also has a RCA capture card I could bum off of him. So I might be able to save you some money by bringing my stuff. I guess you can hold off on making a purchase for a bit until I confirm whether or not I can show.
  14. Sure, we didn't exactly play the greatest.
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