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  1. 4sk pistol goes way beyond weapon balance. While I think it would fix the weapon balance nicely, 4sk is more to kill people before they thrust or kill people easier at long distance. Right now the pistol is incredibly weak at distance and fails to kill people a majority of the time before they thrust behind cover at mid/long range. The absolute worst part of large weapon sandboxes is balancing all the guns. There's no ppint in having all these guns that are just reskins of each other that shoot the same bullets at different speeds. This so called variety is a huge strain on finding a perfect balance.
  2. I play helljumper with crouch on LB and jump on left stick click. It's kinda weird but I'm getting used to it.
  3. Recently switched my aim acceleration to 1. It's never felt better. Can finally hit those close range twitch shots. I recommend you guys try it if the aim acceleration has felt clunky or thr curve is to extreme.
  4. BR starts feel really crispy to me. I think the skill gap shooting wise is definitely lower with the BR compared to the pistol, but not spawning with an automatic and not having a better gun than someone helps bring the skill gap back up. Obviously, it feels like older Halos, but it's nice to be able to fight long range fights again and punish someone as soon as they fuck up or challenge you. Power positions are a lot more important and you can actually hold ground for minutes at a time because you have a weapon that can shoot at people sprinting towards you from a distance. I really don't feel like the skill gap is tremendously lower as soon as you start with the a BR like I thought it would be. I've seen quite a few high level onyx 1.5KD guys get destroyed today in the doubles playlist.
  5. "As a reminder, the February update brings with it new modes such as Assault and Grifball, as well as the ability to create game types like Oddball and Ricochet thanks to custom game options." They are adding the ABILITY to make oddball. Based on 343s past history, looks like it won't be making an appearance in matchmaking for a few months. Lines up pretty good with their "free dlc/update" stuff. Why add oddball now if they can hold it out and add it as a weekend playlist or a FREE update in the future.
  6. Pistols only make up 33% of kills in Arena. Not having pistol starts doesn't drastically change the skill gap. 15-20 less pistol kills a game and Halo 5 becomes an unrankable skill less game to you? Pistol kills are a minority in arena lol. Pistol vs. another precision weapon destroys the skill gap far more than BR vs BR. The only time pistols raise the skill gap is against another pistol. Weekend playlist should never be ranked, but you're talking about how br starts don't deserve ranks, I'm not talking about a weekend playlist.
  7. You know pistol kills only make up around 33% of people's kills in Arena, on average, right? The rest come from ADS automatics with headshot multipliers and zoom in recoil reduction, lock on melees as well as thruster charge melees, spamming nades after seeing hit markers, a fucking JOKE of a sniper rifle, killing people with easy ass precision weapons while they have a pistol because you happened to walk by an easier weapon and they didn't, throwing splinter nades after you completely get fucked up in a 1vs1, crouching and watching radar, etc. Stop acting like adding the H2 BR start suddenly makes it so this playlist doesn't deserve ranks.
  8. It's crazy that one of the few games that has a custom map builder like forge in Halo doesn't have a server browser. And we're all playing on dedicated servers for custom games. 99% of players will never experience any of these crazy maps or custom games. What do you think is stopping 343 from implementing a server browser, something that's been avaliable in games since the PS2.
  9. Did 343 say anything about the BR burst either hitting all the bullets or none at all, effictively being a single shot weapon? Or did I read that wrong?
  10. I feel crippled in short range pistol fights. It's totally changed my play style for the worse. I don't know what it is, I just can't do close range twitch shots anymore. Then I up my sensitivity and I can't do long range fights anymore. Pretty frustrating and I hate blaming it on the aim system and I try not to, but I feel like it's just made my shot so much worse than what it used to be. I can go back to older Halos and do good and have no problems. Just feels clunky as hell.
  11. Does anyone here use pistol only? Obviously the other precision weapons are easier to use and kill with, but after I run around with a BR for a few minutes, my pistol shot gets worse and I get fucked when a precision weapon isn't around.
  12. Poking out behind a wall just far enough to be able to thrust back is one thing. Let's just completely ignore that. Barely escaping from an area after being shot in the back and barely making it behind cover after thrusting is another thing. And by my accounts of studying scrims from everyone's POV in theater, you can expect an "unplanned escape" thanks to thrust roughly 100 times a game combined. Thrust is really one of the worst things about Halo 5. Pair it with a weak starting Pistol, especially at range, it's become a huge problem. I'm a huge advocate for disabling thrust while damaged. It's not used enough in 1vs1 battles to warrant the amount of escapes it gives people.
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