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  1. That doesn't answer the question. What makes Halo 3's sandbox good in relation to the rest of the franchise? What about it makes it special?
  2. All the energy shields they keep adding to vehicles can fuck off.
  3. I have so many issues with sunsetting, I could write a book comparable to a sprint based rant in Halo. The following is a response I had in a heated Reddit discussion that I copied and pasted here, so please don't confuse my tone in it to be directed at any of you. I'm currently fighting against sunsetting on multiple fronts, and I'm incredibly disappointed that Bungie followed through with this disastrous decision, and definitely have more to add to this. This list is FAR from complete. "Players want new gear and new ways to play, all the time. The notion that players don't want new gear and builds to work with is flat out bullshit. Absolutely nothing stops a Redrix user from grinding and enjoying a new pulse, especially when that pulse introduces new perks and gameplay options. If there are players that don't care about the new gear, so fucking what? I guarantee you there are plenty who DO care, and are happy to add something new to their arsenal. The only people unhappy? The worthless, holier than thou scrubs who get an aneurysm if they read (insert weapon here) on their death screen, or the annoying raid elitists that won't let you join unless you play exactly the way they tell you to. Neither of which are worth catering to. Do you actually believe that players wouldn't use the new swords, or Bungie wouldn't have introduced them, unless they were FORCED to do so through sunsetting? Are you fucking kidding me? That's the hill you want to die on? The novelty and excitement alone would have achieved this. They introduced something unique and fun to the table, and sunsetting didn't need to do jack shit to achieve this. Let me list off everything wrong with sunsetting in nice bullet points for you: 1. Power level is shallow and arbitrary. It serves no purpose beyond inducing grind and being a "be this tall to ride" system. Therefore it's not a legitimate reason for gear to be traded out, because there is no gain. 2. MMO gear grants measurable increases to player power because they serve as "stat sticks". They can do this because gear doesn't serve as the primary way of interacting with the game, your skillbar does. Destiny weaponry isn't comparable to MMO gear, and has more in common with skills on a skillbar. The decision to swap out gear is easy when it's objectively stronger and doesn't change anything about the way you play. The same could be said for Borderlands which literally RAINS replacement, more powerful loot on you. Again, we're not getting stronger in Destiny, by design. 3. Magic the Gathering uses anti consumer practices to psychological abuse its fans by forcing them into gambling for new decks, and should not be some positive outline from a professional dev for game design. Old cards however, don't suddenly lose value or become unplayable. All new cards work just fine alongside old, outside of some some rare exceptions that usually involves a reworked old card. The tournaments they hold with newer deck restrictions, are for promotional reasons only, not gameplay health like Bungie claims. Most the old gear in Destiny is perfectly compatible with new gear, outside of weapons that haven't been updated. 4. The new gear we get is either on par, worse or reintroduced. If on par, then the gear has no excuse to be separate from the old gear because it's not different enough to be considered an outlier. If worse, then the gear wouldn't have been desirable to begin with and slapping an arbitrary power number next to it wouldn't change this fact. Shit gear with higher power is still shit. If reintroduced, it means there was nothing wrong with the weapon to begin with and should have never been sunset. 5. The masterworking economy demands too much resources for only temporary gear. 6. Every piece of gear now has an arbitrary expiration date, which actually produces nothing but apathy towards any new gear. There's no point in buildcrafting or grinding if the gear lacks permanence to your characters growth. 7. Stating that we can use gear outside of end game content is a blatant lie meant to pathetically save face. Higher power content bleeds into the public space all the time, not to mention that endgame content is the reason most people pay/play for, and where the vast majority of dev resources go. Everyone will be effectively forced into the new gear, for all content, or you can't participate. There is no choice. 8. Hilariously so, if meta shifting is the goal of sunsetting, then it fails spectacularly in the majority of PvP, because general Crucible and Ranked play isn't affected by it, so what's the fucking point? If the old meta was bad enough to justify sunsetting, then why doesn't it effect the area where it would arguably make the biggest difference? The meta shift excuse is a lie. 9. I use my gear I like, you use your gear you like. Very simple concept. Anyone who approves sunsetting on the basis of forcing players off their gear is the literal definition of a scrub. Scrub mentality is an incrediblely toxic basis for a loot system, and doesn't deserve to be taken seriously by anyone. So what does this all point to? Sunsetting was NEVER for the benefit of the player, because it fails every job it's supposedly claimed to do by its shill supporters and incompetent devs. It's a hamster wheel without end or goal in sight, where running for the sake of running is apparently the only value."
  4. Why does this sound more concerning than someone calling me an n-word and telling me they fucked my mom?
  5. I'm going to elaborate later my issues with sunsetting and why i believe it's nothing more than a scam.
  6. Now, now. Let's not get carried away.
  7. @BoyoAs long as it's not D-pad, chin controlled I'm good.
  8. Goddammit my dude. LET THE THREAD DIE!
  9. Let's assume a wave spawn is 14 seconds and the timer starts the second a player dies. This means a coordinated team that puts an enemy player down can push with far more aggression for longer, and fast multikills become far more impactful, especially in objective where every second counts. For the respawning team, you get a passive coordinated team push. If you're one player down, and the wave timer started, your rewarded with a "faster" potential respawn if you play your life. Full team spawns also act as a deterrent for enemies overextending their push unto you, knowing that they're usually going to be facing down a full squad if they time it wrong. Personally I don't see anything wrong with anything that improves team play, active or not, especially when high level players will typically coordinate anyway. Wave based spawning simply puts the burden of punishment on the entire team, not just an individual. A player that respawned "instantly" on the ass end of the spawn time, still needed a teammate to suffer the full time to do so, and still lost a position. I'm just giving food for thought here, really. But wouldn't mind at least trying a gamemode or two outside of Gears to see if it plays well or not. It just presents a different feel for how a game plays.
  10. Wave spawning primary purpose is for coordinating team pushes, and typically has longer respawns. Dying is still a punishment, and I'd argue you factually have more time to push and play the objective.
  11. Has a Gears of War style spawn system ever been considered for Halo? Designated spawn zones. Wave based spawning. Limited spawn immunity. Ends on a timer or when you start shooting (don't think Gears has that last one, but still is a good idea). It's a simple, effective system. Could be interesting to attempt. Only caveat is maps need to be specifically designed to account for it.
  12. Niche mod on PC in a console oriented forum. I mean come on my dude, you damn well know we supported it. But I personally do not own a PC that can run games, and I'm not going to pay for one for that sake alone.
  13. "Glitching a clamber spot? All good." "Sliding into a gunfight? Broken." Not invoking any names here...
  14. Before I even watch this, which I'll humor for good laugh when he eventually states something that reaches hard, I know for a fact he's not gonna dismantle jack shit. My stance on mobility garbage isn't built off of lacking intimate knowledge that every pro mobility player thinks they have. Edit: Well I watched it. Not surprised in the slightest he had nothing new to present, and he almost immediately downplays or omits details. 1. Being able to instantly shoot your magnum from sprint is still NOT moving at full speed while shooting. Not to mention all maneuvers you try to pull that involves sprint are not applicable when someone is shooting you, limiting those options to being openers only, and only effective against players who aren't looking at you directly. Maps are still stretched (read as limits the designers) to accommodate it's existence. 2. Clamber also screws over map design, its combat applications are incredibly niche and still lock you into an animation. This is primarily because it's a base trait. Put it into the map designers hands, then you'll have something niche and inoffensive. Until then, it's just as obnoxious and problem filled as sprint is. Pointing out jumps that don't require clamber doesn't matter as long as there are jumps that DO require it. 3. Pointing out skilljump potentials using mobility mechanics also doesn't matter, because we could also pull skilljumps in previous Halo's without all the associated problems and with far less button requirements and far more combat versatility. "More than meets the eye." Yeah, uhh, no.

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