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  1. I actually thought of an alternative fire for the Needler that was inspired by Overwatch's Mei. Needler fires normally, but can fire a charged over sized, straight traveling needle with head shot capability. This shot costs more ammo, but greatly increases the Needler's range. When the round lands on a target, it acts as a homing spot for the Needler that overrides its line of sight and range tracking limitations for normal firing. 3 charged shots that land on target can also super combine explode to a greater degree than normal, and has greater anti-vehicle/crowd control ability, but costs an entire magazine to achieve.
  2. Halo 4 Magnum and DMR would like a word with you...
  3. Although that was an interesting read, I still feel player preference and comfort shouldn't be just decided by developers. If you're not giving players an option to play more comfortably due to artistic integrity, then I think you have a very incorrect line of thinking. Players deserve as much control over their FoV (and controller sensitivities by extension) as possible, barring some extreme cases. There are definite tradeoffs for having a wider FoV versus a lower one (and again, sensitivities by extension), which is why I don't necessarily buy it that a higher FoV is objectively more advantageous. Honestly, I just want at the very least 90 degrees to be the standard for consoles instead of the narrow cones they force on us. Same with Titanfall/Battlefield level aim settings.
  4. And you have shit awareness and need the game to hold your hand. Use. Your. Eyes.
  5. The difference between soundwhoring and radar from a medium standpoint is fucking irrelevant when they both have the same damn effect on player behavior; it strangles map movement potential to a detrimental level. If I had to pick one, I'd pick radar, cause at least everyone can have it, while not everyone can have a $300 headset. Normal modes of movement, including sprinting btw, should never paint a big ass audio/video target on you in a massive radius. It's far too important for the health of the game and gameplay potential for something so incredibly BASIC to punish you so severely. You want sound to give players away? Here: 1. Reloading 2. Weapon swapping 3. Landing from a jump or a fall (debatable, kinda falls under basic movement in Halo.) 4. Throwing grenades 5. Meleeing 6. Environmental traits that make sound (broken glass on the ground, rubble, or tall grass, ect.). 7. Activating doors or switches All of these things give players absolute control over how they give off information without all the negatives of continuous footstep noise and radar. All of them can give away their position, but you at least can influence if and when you do it, and soundwhores can act accordingly when given info. I'm in the boat if you got flanked, you deserve to be pissed off about it, for you have no one but yourself to blame for your lack of awareness, and I think it's a lesson that will prove valuable in the long run. I'd rather benefit the aggressive player everytime. The second you start giving passive players tools to play even more passive, the game WILL devolve into a toxic camping shitshow.
  6. Part of me agrees with this, but a bigger part hates it when soundwhoring stagnates movement to unreasonable levels. Players need to be able to move freely so that effective flanking can occur.
  7. I don't know man, I can really feel the passion and subtleties from his elaborate and well put posts. Maybe you're just not on his level of expertise?
  8. I don't get this mentality with you, considering I count about 3 Halo titles where sprint wasn't needed nor was difficult to design around without. If you need sprint to make your BTB map to function correctly, then that just tells me you are a shit map designer. The only "proper balance" to be made is infantry routes vs vehicle routes, which btw if sprint is involved, will directly, and ONLY influence infantry routes, without doing jack shit to vehicle routes because infantry aren't supposed to there ANYWAY. Putting sprint into the game just to mitigate travel time across non-infantry routes is fucking idiotic when it makes the infantry routes suffer, and take longer by necessity to travel through because of said sprint.
  9. Personally, I'd rather use a Magnum design simply as a "fuck you" to those people who are bothered by it. They're not worth appeasing and never will be. Plus, the Magnum is smaller and takes up less screen space, feels visceral when given sufficient power, accuracy and range, and will always be a nod towards CE's legacy. It's Halo as fuck, and deserves to be the norm going forward.
  10. You might want to clarify that you're talking about Star Wars BF2, cause I was confused for a minute.
  11. Yes, it is something I actively do, and I expect many higher level players also do it. It's very easy to do in a game like Halo where everyone has the same weapons and limited weapon pool. It's more of a 1v1 thing, but understanding when a player is about to reload is important if you ever want make aggressive plays or press and opening in their line of fire.
  12. Although I love the idea of a no reload Halo in concept, the thought of players mindless spamming shots just gives me a headache. Definitely wouldn't hurt to try though. I kinda disagree on reload being more of an accidental/happenstance punishment, especially at higher tiers of play. Maybe on the lower end of the skill spectrum this true, but not so much on the high end. Counting shots and actively waiting for players to reload is a common thing.
  13. Promethean's are composed ancient humans designed to combat the Flood and act as a form of punishment for fighting against the Forerunners.

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