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  1. Excessive Bullet magnetism has been a staple of Halo since H2. H2A isn't all that of an outlier, if at all, but H4 and H5 definitely are.
  2. Ever read or watch porn with a surprisingly decent story? It's like a 2 for 1 deal.
  3. You could make the ledge briefly highlight when you look at it directly within climbing range. No need to spam the UI. We could also label maps a certain way to indicate if clamber is usable on the it or not.
  4. Clamber as a base trait ruins maps, because map designers are forced to account for it 100% of the time. By putting control into the hands of map designers, we can have a greater degree of map variety. Non climbable classic style maps? Got it. Partially climbable maps with select routes? Got it. Halo 5 style where everything is climbable? Got it. It all can coexist and present more interesting maps than we currently have, without pigeonholing map designers into a single style.
  5. Clambor is inherently pointless. It's existence solves no issue that ever existed in Halo, just like sprint. So tempting me with the option to have it in the game or not, just leaves me saying it can fuck off along with all the other mobility bullshit. My suggestion is a legitimate true middleground solution and allows the existence of classic maps alongside new maps with no fuss. It places more power into the map designer's hands where a map can be as much as a jungle gym as they please. In Halo 5, clamber effectively doubles your jump height, which means map designers need to double the height of vertical spaces just to keep players from breaking map flow. By making shit like clamber/thrust/sprint base traits, all we do is shackle map designers to them at all times, which aside from the gameplay implications from their existence, pisses me off the most about them.
  6. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; clambor can exist only if it's an environmental trait, not a base trait. Just create a visible highlight system or visual cues on the environment of what's climbable and what isn't. Doing so would give map designers significant control over player movement, and classic maps can return without any change. Less Assassins Creed parkour, more Tomb Raider/Uncharted.
  7. People take the term "even starts", and take it literally, while failing to remember that there needs to be far more nuance behind it beyond simply spawning everyone with the same equipment, which is the barest minimum a Halo game needs for balanced play. Even starts doesn't matter in a game when a map is littered with various upgrade based weaponry. Players off of spawn need to be on equal footing with players on the map at ALL times (power weapons aside), not just off of initial spawn. The utility weapon should always dictate the pace of the game, and set a bar that the rest of the weapons on the map follow.
  8. Yes, CE's magnum just so happened to have all the necessary pieces to make it a centerpiece that balanced out its respective sandbox. Bungie did not intend this, but understood its importance for Halo's sandbox health, which is why every Halo in Bungie's era featured a form of utility weapon.
  9. What they intended hardly matters, similar to how they didn't intend the magnum to become a Utility weapon.
  10. Let's put it this way; If I can't learn to navigate a 100% of a map backwards, including every conceivable skill jump while maintaining 100% control of my weapon, melee and grenade throwing, then I don't give 2 flying fucks what nonexistent "skillgap" it brings to the table. If it sacrifices a significantly larger skill ceiling and lower skill floor in favor for a more needlessly complex game where the skill floor gets shit on, and the ceiling may not even raise an iota, then it's not worth pursuing. Halo in my eyes was built off the idea of movement and combat being on the same exact plane, and Halo has been significantly lesser for it since its loss. Titanfall was released in 2014, its fad mechanics have come and gone in popularity across the industry, and yet, here we are 6 years later attempting another poor mans version, still riding in its shadow. The industry as whole has finally moved on, and it's high time Halo does too.
  11. Please tell me you didn't stop at one playthrough. The game lies, don't trust it, you're not done.
  12. What if they just took ODST's format and expanded on it? Open world format with nonlinear ability to engage combat, secure the mission area to unlock a traditional linear mission. Best of both worlds, imo. You could even latch certain benefits to securing some areas and completing its respective linear mission. Like access to certain weapons, armor, vehicles and UNSC support in the open world, thus giving you more options in securing the next mission area. One could dream, but I actually have a very strong suspicion that is the route 343 will take. I'd actually be impressed for once.
  13. My only concern with placing it on the dpad would make the average player take their thumb off of the movement stick. I'd much rather replace the thrust button, making it a central part of controlling your character, but I wouldn't entirely cry if they make better use of the dpad.
  14. Soo fucking much this. Low level coordination would skyrocket. Radar could finally die. Bitching about no mikes or party chat players? Gone. There's only improvement with its existence. All for the small price of replacing the button some shitty mobile mechanic would have gone.

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