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  1. Sprinting is a gimmick. Slipgates portals aren't.
  2. Let's be reasonable people, Countdown was a solid CTF map, and was far, far, FAR from the worst experience you had playing Reach. Hating just to hate is dumb as hell.
  3. That's like getting bored of Halo because you figured out nading someones feet works. Just because it's basic, doesn't make it boring, nor does it mean it lacks depth. A player can easily wise up to that portal tactic, especially if it's the only tactic you think will work.
  4. You got bored from figuring out a basic as fuck tactic?
  5. I've been having the time of my life playing Splitgate when the servers work, ngl.
  6. The objective thing way too situational. I'd shamelessly just give the Hammer Half Life's gravity gun traits where your alt attracts objects in general, and the base melee launches those objects. Want to shield yourself? Pick up something large enough. Someone just outta melee range? Pick up an object and launch it at them. Far more versatile this way, and you could also pick up and launch objectives.
  7. NavG provides KoolAid and you drink it without hesitation.
  8. Pinging and Callouts both have their upsides and downsides, neither of which you have pointed out. It's a similar comparison between Radar and sound whoring, the medium is different, but the resulting gameplay is largely the same outside of nuance. Pinging a location is clear and precise and accessible to everyone, but lacks detailed information outside of where to look. Verbal communication is more vague, and requires the listener to understand that information, but can also denote more complex/detailed information. Neither communication methods have any influence on map design, and the differences from a gameplay standpoint, are negligible outside of nuance. If I call out, "1 shot at S2" or ping that exact location, the scenario largely plays out the same way either way. Hell, I'd argue that pinging at a high level in combination with callouts would dramatically trim the fat of what even needs to be said. If I was going to complain about pinging, I'd pick some shit out that actually worth complaining about, like: 1. Player counts of people capable of feeding you pings. (Battlefield solves this with separated Squads). 2. Muting people people who abuse pinging. (Apex Legends solved this). 3. Is pinging audible and or visually obnoxious? Can it be toned down through options? (Not really an issue in any of the games I've played that feature pinging, but this technically falls under 1 and 2.) And even if 343 fails to address these points, having a ping system is still better than not. Pinging is never going to be a replacement for complex information, but does it's job well enough that it hardly matters. Plus you can guarantee players have 100% access to it, unlike a headset or mic.
  9. I'm not going to play 20 questions with you. I fail to see how usage rates influences map design, or the ping system in general. Verbal communication also exists, and I've never, ever in my life heard of it changing how a map is designed or limited outside of visual cues or orientation.
  10. The design of the map is completely irrelevant, and pinging has no more influence on map design than word of mouth, which is zero.
  11. See a player, ping a player. Like that.
  12. How in the flying fuck does a ping system effect map design? What form of mental gymnastics brought you to that nonsense? It's a communication tool that will vastly improve coordination among all skill levels.
  13. A ping system is a fucking godsend, thank god. I've always said it would vastly improve the game. People now have a 100% guaranteed way of communicating in both a casual and ranked setting. This is the best news I've heard over H:I.
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