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  1. Isn't that price increase just rumored? Doubling the price of their service in relation to PS+ and crossplay sounds foolish. I could see a small increase, but double? Nah. Edit: Holy shit, was I wrong. That is not a great deal.
  2. I'm getting spammed by a lot obtrusive ads now on mobile, what gives?
  3. I'm muting him. Anyone else replying to him as well. Tired of reading his circus act spamming the forum with ignorant garbage. For fuck sake...
  4. ^Nobody touch that comment with a ten foot pole please.
  5. How does it not surprise me that you simultaneously hit the point on the head, and yet miss it entirely?
  6. Redundancy is not variety. Giving bad players shallow weapons meant to shit on better players is the reason why H5's sandbox was/is dogshit, regardless of how "useful" everything was. H5 suffers from the same exact issues H2 - Reach did, they only shifted to the opposite end of that TtK spectrum. Going "MLG tryhard" has nothing to do with sandbox quality.
  7. The AR from Marathon anyone? Honestly, I wouldn't mind it either. What if it used our grenades as ammo but the difference being they could be launched further and faster than by hand?
  8. All the pads need to do is delay the icon disappearing after pick up a few seconds or so. Problem solved.
  9. Not 1v1 H3 AR starts Highground?
  10. Deep Rock Galactic lets you twirl or mess around with your weapons and gear if you hit reload when full. I don't see a reason Halo couldn't let you do this, considering they place idle animations on weapons anyway. I like it when my weapons feel more interactive, even if it doesn't really do anything but appease my ADHD.
  11. Problems with smoke grenades in Halo: 1. Breaking aim assist is a requirement for a functional smoke, otherwise players can "feel" you out without seeing you by swiping or dragging the reticle. Slow TtK leaves this open to abuse if players spawn with it. 2. If players don't spawn with it, it's highly debatable players will go out of their way to pick it up in the face of more lethal options and a lack of any real punishment for exposing yourself. It essentially will just become a gimmick that exasperates the slow TtK further. 3. I'm with Multi on the map design front. Smokes won't even be necessary if maps account for proper sightlines. 4. Smoke also needs to cover a decent amount of area to be effective, and depending on how fast it comes out and covers that area, comes with a whole host of issues depending on its deployment speed. If instant, breaking AA would make it completely broken and obnoxious to deal with. If delayed and takes a second or two to reach maximum area, you risk smokes becoming useless in a fast paced environment. Frankly I don't think there's anything in Halo's gameplay loop that cries a need for smoke grenades. Grenades should supplement a more aggressive approach to gameplay.
  12. Have a Merry Christmas my fellow salty Halo fuckbois.
  13. I get that everyone wants to shoot the piss at Cyberpunk, but at the end of the day, its technical issues are the only thing holding it back. I personally think the game has nowhere to go but up in quality from here, and I don't see any reason to throw CDPR under the bus just yet. They've earned that much.
  14. I can attest to that, but the the constant feeling of playing a subpar experience isn't the only thing that annoys me. Everytime a "classic" playlist comes up, 343 either insults our intelligence by shoving their mechanics in our face anyway or weaponizing the inevitable low playlist population as "evidence" of disinterest in classic gameplay when the playlist is anything but. I'd rather avoid that bullshit entirely and skip right into the apathy I'm used to from 343, thank you very much.
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