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  1. Beyond: "We love the H5 Magnum barring a few tweaks here and there, and hope it returns in Infinite since it's one of the most solid starting weapons given to us. I know we don't compliment you much, 343, but the H5 Magnum was definitely praiseworthy." 343: "We're not giving you the Magnum. Take this Call of Duty sidearm." Beyond: (○_○)
  2. Tough Luck, Fog and maybe Catch on Heroic, in my opinion, makes for a satisfying experience without the typical Legendary BS. I like the enemies keeping me on my toes without resorting to constant cover cowering or always running a noob combo.
  3. Just a quick reminder that the H3 1-50 system also had associated military ranks. Personally, I found being called by a military style rank more satisfying and suits Halo's overall feel more.
  4. Everyone who had 30 secs including myself, congratulations. What did you win? Well, disappointment right on schedule.
  5. 3 for 30 secs 1 for 10 secs 1 for 15 secs
  6. 2 for 30 secs 1 for 10 secs We're almost there, keep em coming.
  7. I got 2 for 30 secs. Any other takers,
  8. I wanna play a game. Let's take bets on exactly how many seconds sprint rears its ugly head in the gameplay reveal. Timer starts when the gameplay starts. Place your bets below. I'm going for 30 seconds.
  9. Nutshell time. H5= Mediocre, tries to please everyone game design philosophy that fails to please anyone. Skillgap based on unwanted obnoxious elements and weapon sandbox built for braindead toddlers. Aiming is inconsistent trash, and Warzone is Pay to Win lite. Great forge and custom game browser. 60 fps is good. Magnum is, relatively speaking, the best utility we've had in years (strong emphasis on relatively). Dedi's provide consistent connect quality.
  10. Dragon Age Origins is the shit as well.
  11. That doesn't answer the question. What makes Halo 3's sandbox good in relation to the rest of the franchise? What about it makes it special?
  12. All the energy shields they keep adding to vehicles can fuck off.

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