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  1. At this point, it wouldn't even be SWAT anymore. More like, "Man With The Golden Gun."
  2. Good Player: Kills you instantly. Bad Player: Dies instantly. You're trying to solve a problem that simply does not exist in SWAT. There is no issue with this, never has been.
  3. The current punishments suffice. No mechanics are needed.
  4. When the game already inherently does this without additional mechanics, then yes, I do disagree with further punishment.
  5. Death from the other player who doesn't miss the first shot. Simple as that.
  6. I want Halo to improve itself, that's why. Mobility based Halo is not an improvement, and therefore the community will reflect that, just like Halo 5's underwhelming mediocrity. It's less of a wish, and more of knowing it will happen if 343 refuses to learn their lesson, again.
  7. I have gamepass, so trying the game is a given. Odds are high though my tolerance for any mobility based bullshit will be low. If its mobility based, I'll probably try to force myself to like it or find anything to enjoy about it, at first. But if Halo 5's any indication, I'll eventually just reach a point of indifference and disinterest in the game that it very much will deserve. A feeling that I hope will spread throughout the fanbase. If, its mobility based, that is.
  8. They could always pull a Mass Effect 1 with its explanation. From the wiki: In Mass Effect, to generate ammunition a weapon shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field. Thousands of these tiny rounds can be produced from a single ammunition block. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup.
  9. That's easy. Make it time based instead. Win games within a certain time frame to move up.
  10. There's no faulty logic jump here. You have an inherent problem with players having any form of advantage over you, and I just removed (most) of those advantages. Now all we gotta do is slap some flags on the map and then BAM! You'll have the perfect, no nonsense Halo experience for you and company.
  11. I guess Octagon should be the default Halo competitive experience then.

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