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  1. The TtK advantage of the Commando is hard to ignore, even with its potential bloom. I feel the BR is far to easy, and far too slow. I hope for Commando starts so we could have a significant TtK improvement for the first time in what? Going on 20 years?
  2. I was utilizing it during my playtime, but it's position on the controller and lack of advertisement from 343 were the biggest factors no one was really using it. The game really only offhand mentions it. I'd give it time, and more players would take advantage.
  3. Par for the course in BF's case. BF4 was one of the trashiest launches in console history til the MCC happened. Then it became one of EA's greatest success stories after dedicating some time to fix the game.
  4. Give you good games by force? I wish.
  5. I've come to realize that if I was an authoritarian dictator of a an developer, I'd make a real Halo game, delete spray and pray weapons, force the community to play it my way, and jack off with their tears until they eventually realize my version of Halo is best. I'd condition them, kicking and screaming, into Halo's full potential until nothing but success is this franchises future.
  6. Well, they can eat a dick for all I care. This is what a correct Halo sandbox looks like.
  7. I considered stun effects activating with raw body shots when shields are down, but I'd neuter the damage. Another angle I considered was if stun effects only happen with consecutive headshots. Both would add a more active approach for the shooter. Neither would affect turn speed, however. Lack of strafe would be enough.
  8. I'll give it a listen. Been a while since I've listened to them.
  9. Same shit, different game really. Always get a crowd claiming "The AA is weaker than ever!" You know, the usual.
  10. ... and that's has, what exactly to do with my original comment?
  11. He'd probably be better off at a local corner charging for those blowies he's freely giving 343.
  12. I mean does it really matter? 343 is designing the game for these people. Even if they don't stick around, and they will get bored of this crap, we'll all still be stuck with a Halo game not designed for us.
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