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  1. Apologies for taking this long to respond to this, I forgot about it. Your recent post reminded me. You didn't describe the purpose of the AR, you described how bad players use it. I'll be perfectly frank here, I couldn't care less about how these players use it, especially since historically, these players will use whatever is initially given them anyway. The only thing I care about is making weapons with appropriate and tolerable functionality for all levels of play. I for one, in the event I'm ever forced to use the AR for any reason, don't want it to be an intentionally anti-skill scrub weapon that serves no purpose beyond being useless to anyone other than the players you described. I don't don't think you'd want it to be this way either. I don't want it to kill quickly at all, but I would like a useable secondary in relation to the utility. I want something that can descope players and ping camoed targets more effectively than the utility ever could. Hell, even Halo Reachs AR would be have been a fine weapon if burst firing wasn't so pointless and slow.
  2. I get the line of thinking, but I feel the animation frame buffer and single button press make any potential loss of accuracy negligible, Halo 5's shit aiming notwithstanding. Nothing remappable buttons couldn't fix for the future, so we all could use our preferred method without overhauling our entire control schemes. For the sniper rifle, I think the simplest solution is... we don't really need an additional zoom level? I've always felt the extra zoom was unnecessary barring some extremes. Get rid of it so we can descope/scope in more effectively without it getting in the way.
  3. I believe someone already counted the frames for the animations and found out the speed on animations is exactly the same. The only thing Halo 5's ADS lacks is the ability to pre-scope mid weapon swap. One could also make an argument that depressing and pressing LT is less intuitive for descoping battles compared to simply pressing RS, but the Halo 5 ADS animation suits LT more and makes RS feel like you're visually being yank off to the right. The appearance does matter, but ultimately is one of those rare preference things. Never heard of an accuracy complaint though, that's new to me. Like to hear about that one.
  4. Fov doesn't matter if you can't get your face close enough to your weapon to line up the sights. It's about the size of the helmet.
  5. Realistically speaking, wearing a full face helmet doesn't help with iron sight aiming.
  6. Oh boy, welcome to Halo 5, where the aiming and aim assist is inconsistent on a game to game basis. You are far from alone, my dude.
  7. I fail to see how the utility can't do its job in a more varied sandbox, nor am I making the AR a skillful weapon. I want weapons with purpose more than weapons that compete with the utility.
  8. I'd like the AR to have accurate tap/burst firing, but a wide spread if fired full auto. Make it bloom out quickly, but also reset quickly to emphasize this. Give it a decent amount of ammo per magazine, maybe 40+ rounds. Make its overall handling faster than the utility, like swap speeds, reload speed, ect. Keep its damage consistent, slower than the utility and throw headshot mechanics in the trash. Doing this would make the AR: 1. Perform its role as a close range spray weapon to help counteract camo users, while still being a useful backup weapon for fights outside typical close range engagements. 2. High capacity makes the weapon more oppressive/suppressive and able to outlast the utility in engagement times. 3. Maintains high level usage due to versatility in exchange for lethality. So basically, make it cross between the CE AR and Halo 4 TU AR.
  9. Imagine posting intentionally controversial opinions in a sad attempt to gain a reaction on a daily basis. Imagine being so salty about people's reactions and/or arguments, that you need to wear an intentionally antagonistic profile picture with a group of people in a mockery of this forum and those with differing opinions. Imagine spouting how your opinion or viewpoint should be respected, while not doing the same for those you expect it from. Imagine being decently smart, but letting your arrogance and childishness define you more so than your contrarian views. Imagine having somewhat of an interesting viewpoint that might change some people's opinions, or open up a conversation on things normally held sacred, but it's all held back all of the above. Idk, but that's all I'm gonna say about it.
  10. The list of issues around the Halo 5's magnum are as follows: 1. Inconsistent aim assist feel due to 343's variable Aim assistance. Precision weapons have a strong "sweet spot" range, and weaker close "ice skating" range designed to influence close range flights in favor of autos, which have a more traditional aim assist feel. 2. Thrusters that guarantee throwing off anyones aim every 3 seconds. But is the only way to escape the "sweet spot" range outside of nearby cover. Otherwise, the magnum gets a free perfect medal, which I personally find unacceptable in a utility weapon. 3. Inconsistent aim feel on a game to game instance basis, or Heavy aims current format post patch. Heavy aim has not left Halo 5, it just doesn't fluctuate mid match anymore, which in turn makes it impossible to gain proper aim feel over time. Not even professional players can claim mastery over Halo 5's aim and, in turn H5's magnum as long as it exists. 4. Questionable approach towards Halo's Two turn aim system without a delayed acceleration safety net. Previous Halo's gauged player intentions on whether they are attempting to turn at full tilt by waiting a set amount of time (ex. Halo 3), or a set amount of degrees traveled (Reach). H5 makes no such distinction and instantly accelerates. This contributes to H5's overall "whiplashy" feel, especially during magnum duels, on top of any bull occurring due to #1. 5. Overall low range that makes long range shooting a crapshoot in combination of any nonsense that #3 brings. 6. Slow optimal ttk that's to close to the average. Leading to teamshot meta, high escapability, and less chance of coming away from a fight without taking damage. Also, there's a difference between a weapon that is consistent because it shoots straight, vs a weapon that effectively aims for you. I hope that some of you learn that difference.
  11. You're right, it isn't a representation of skill. It's a representation of gunplay options that simply do not exist in teamshot Halo. Having the potential to quickly kill an unaware opponent is far better than always defaulting to an extended gunfight. Options and potentials are what make CE magnum duels far more interesting than later Halos shallow teamshot metas.
  12. They could always try a psuedo open world ODST approach again. Just make several different segments of the map roughly the size of, say, The Silent Cartographer, and provide linear missions and side missions within each area.
  13. I'm of the opinion that intentionally designing weapons that are unviable at high level is an unhealthy mindset and is ultimately pointless to do. I'm honestly tired of playing every Halo game where massive chunks of the sandbox gets removed from competitive settings for various reasons. I can't be alone when I think that we need far more variety in weapons and playstyle choices. I want to cut the fat as well as anyone here, but that doesn't mean that we just need to default to throwing weaponry in the trash everytime a problem arises, or we let our preconceptions dictate our sandbox before we even give the idea a chance. Automatics absolutely have a place in high level Halo. Halo CE proves this, and Halo 4 TU at least had a better idea of approach than Halo 5. I love the dynamic between a Single shot primary, and full auto secondary. It's not about making every weapon compete with the utility, it's about making weapons with purpose and unique functionality that the utility simply cannot fulfill.
  14. If the Reach AR is given the Halo 4 Turbo Update treatment, I'd think it would be in a solid place.

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