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  1. On one hand, yeah I agree that H2 BR is a joke weapon with little to no competitive merit behind its functionality and TtK, but on the other hand the strong as fuck strafing amplifies H5's aiming issues and makes the H2 BR a necessary evil. Personally, I'd love these settings with a 4 Shot Magnum or Gunfighter, where the extra lethality would make up for the lack of ease of use. But H5's aiming holds this game mode back the most, I'm afraid.
  2. Other than acknowledgement of its existence and a fix, I don't think 343 ever explained why.
  3. Hey remember when a pro player said pressing start mid match periodically would fix the aiming and people thought he was just head headcasing, but it turned out to be true? Oh but I'm sure we're all TERRIBLE players who have never aimed in an FPS before. I never thought of changing my multiple aim settings before someone typed it out. It's almost like you can still hit players consistently, but still recognize that something is very wrong, or even recognize sudden unexplainable whiplashes make anyone with half a brain scratch their head.
  4. Specialist was the only redeeming factor in that sea of garbage that was MW3. I'm very happy with its return in MW2019.
  5. Ugh... MW3 was fucking GARBAGE for a CoD game. Perk balance was out of whack, support killstreaks dominated the maps, fucking deathstreaks returned stronger than ever, and MP7/ACR/Bizon dominance. I remember trying to return to that dogshit game after a few years thinking it couldn't have been as bad as remembered it. It didn't take more than five minutes before it reminded me it was EXACTLY the way I remembered it. Mw3 and Ghosts strike a very special hate nerve with me, that no game, not even Halo 4 could ever touch.
  6. Mid is the middle. Except when it isn't (Midship).
  7. Almost like how people feel about a certain person and power weapons.
  8. Oh you wanted to shoot back? Fuck you. Now have your bullets fly out of the barrel at a 90 degree angle. That mechanic murdered an otherwise great game for me.
  9. Dedicate a button on the controller for it, complete with a lengthy animation, and you got yourself a winner in the casual's books.
  10. Modding flinch out is an option. Definitely don't want to outright remove the Sniper though.
  11. Difficult to pull off when too many in the competitive community ostracize Autos on principle without consideration.
  12. I think Titanfall's Attrition mode has sort of the right idea in terms of making battles feel grand in scale, without overblown player counts.
  13. I once thought it would be interesting if you had separate ranks according to your party size.
  14. Not when that skin is literally advertising the league as I play. Not different at all.
  15. They don't need to advertise it every 2 minutes in game, which is what it does. I don't need to be advertised to by Ad based skins while I play. Fuck that disruptive noise. Nobody needs to be reminded of that shit that often. Please explain how it doesn't hurt the integrity of the game when it constantly shoves it in your face. As simple message promoting the league on the title screen is fine, but infecting the ENTIRE experience with that garbage crosses a line.

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