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  1. I've played my fair share of no radar Ffa in Halo, and I find it plays better with radar for a couple of reasons. Being able to watch your own back and avoid being ganked every fight being the biggest. Radar gives players some control of that chaos in lieu of teammates. Chaos isn't necessarily bad, but giving players the ability to pick and choose their fights has far more nuisance than just throwing them into a grinder. You'd have a somewhat stronger argument for no radar if players weren't gimped lethality wise, but since we're still in shallow teamshot meta Halo, radar is necessary for FFA's competitive health.
  2. If radar exists, it needs to act in a consistent manner, otherwise it becomes confusing to general players at best and just frustrating at worse (Modern Warfare being a current incompetent example of this). We don't need multiple versions of radar plaguing the game, 343 is fucking dumb for not updating it across the board. Not that I want radar outside campaign and FFA, anyway. Advanced radar is just a symptom of mobility mechanics being frustrating garbage, and can go right in the trash with the rest of those mechanics.
  3. Yes, in a bubble, you are correct. But the price is too high for so little of a gain. I can think of several different ways to control jump height.
  4. What an incredible niche application of a mechanic with map wide consequences for existing. Like, you'd sacrifice our map design, combat flow, and nearly every other decision a player could make, just so you can cancel a jump height on a rare occasion. Forgive me, but whoopty fucking doo.
  5. I have it on the OneX, and aiming is still hot inconsistent garbage.
  6. If H5 is their idea of roots, then the whole sickly tree can topple for all I care.
  7. Kids that argue for AR starts aren't arguing to gimp themselves. They want EVERYONE to be as gimped as they are. Loadouts wouldn't change a damn thing about that attitude.
  8. What I got out of it was that a level of stoicism is required if you wish to be great at any game at a high level. That the complaints never end even if you have a game with a perfectly healthy meta, or a shit one. Only complaints that present a deeper understanding of the game, are the ones that deserve any chance at shifting the meta. But even if you did, and made the game healthier, making everyone happy would never happen. That's just something that communities have to accept. I've accepted this about H5, and that is why I don't play it. For example, H5's Sniper has valid issues, and we currently just deal with and play around it. If 343, hypothetically today, nerfed its Bullet magnetism, I know everyone here and the respective comp community would rejoice. But every average player will still complain about getting sniped. It's inevitable. I know not everything is a 1:1 example in the OP, due to it mainly criticizing the Destiny communities constant need to shift metas. But I still think it was solid, reflective post.
  9. One of the points of the post is there's no such thing as multiple metas coexisting. There's always going to be an established way to play the game. You can shift or change a meta, but there's only going to one.
  10. Thought you all might be interested in this post from r/DestinyTheGame. An interesting read up on player attitudes towards meta and skill gap, using Halo for many examples.
  11. I always thought it would have been cool if Forge maps, with enough community and dev approval, could be given an official dev treatment. Get good playing maps, that also look good.
  12. Aim assistance should only exist to ensure aiming feels as close as possible to KBM. Nothing more. No peaks and valleys, no sudden or immediate cutoff ranges. It should assist you at ranges that make sense, and should never feel like a drag to fight, or aim for you. It should prioritize player comfort balanced with fair play. Bullet mag is a symptom of a slow TtK and should die in a hole. H5 fails at every single one of these things, while every other halo fails at the Bullet mag part.
  13. I'm not really sure that's a fair comparison. Every primary ammo type weapon, nitpicking and minutia aside, is technically a precision weapon. H5's problem is we have an AR with traditional auto traits, masquerading as a precision weapon. It has the strengths of both ease of use and ease of damage of an Auto, and the instant death potential and range of a precision weapon. It's madness.

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