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  1. Oh, I'm not really sure if he was trolling or not, but by God that conversation back then was gold.
  2. You're reading into it too much. Footstep noise was mostly a non factor in classic Halo games, considering most general gameplay noise drowned the sound out 95% of the time. It was only really problematic in 1v1 or really quiet stand offs. The argument so far is just maintaining the status quo. I'm personally discussing it from a classically designed Halo standpoint, so I'm not really taking mobility mechanics into account. I just want to be able to move freely without radar or soundwhores strangling it. Wouldn't being forced to crouch to silence footsteps in classic Halo be exactly like sacrificing mobility mechanics to walk normally in modern Halo? You're sacrificing proper map movement, which is a negative to me. In the context of mobility Halo, however, yeah, sound and/or radar is necessary in order to keep players from mindlessly charging each other. But it still technically strangles movement when those mechanics are required to effectively traverse the map.
  3. Being for loud footsteps and against radar is hypocritical. They both are a form of radar. Ironically, it would make radar more fair because it wouldn't give headset users a clear advantage. If you try to argue realism over gameplay health, your argument should go in the trash where it rightfully belongs.
  4. For the most part, I would ideally want no radar at all, but reality is often disappointing.
  5. The modified motion sensor is honestly one of the better things 343 has come up with, and I feel it appeals to both casual and comp players. It's a middle ground (an actual one mind you) that I wouldn't mind returning to Halo Infinite as the new default. If Infinite is a classically designed Halo without any of the mobility bullshit, I would just retune it to detect gunfire, grenade throws and maybe jumping. Possibly add in a way for the sensor to be tricked by utilizing sound in some way. Suppressed versions of weapons could allow them more gameplay utility.
  6. I feel like it would be more like a road to recovery from there instead of instant success. Halo's name has been tarnished for a long time now, so I feel if Infinite does finally remove the bullshit, the fans will naturally start to trickle back in. But it will take time.
  7. How else am I supposed to make it clear I don't like them the vast majority of the time?
  8. Sprints inclusion in any gameplay I see about Halo: Infinite will tell me a LOT about how the game will play out. 1. Maps will be elongated, traditional 'close quarters' maps will be nonexistent, and classic maps will either not exist or get the 'Truth' treatment and not play anything like their original counterparts. 2. Omnidirectional movement skill wouldn't exist. Navigating maps 100% all while shooting/nading/meleeing without ever needing to look forward is gone from a Halo title, yet again. (This is a MASSIVE one to me.) 3. Sprints nerfs such as no shield recharge, the wind up period that can knock you out of it, and the lowered apex between sprint and base movement speed make it feel jarring and woefully unpleasant to use in comparison to any other games that have sprint and need no such accommodations, all while still being necessary for proper map movement. They literally cannot nerf this mechanic any harder. 4. Weaponry will be built around the fact that escapability will be high, so ease of use will go up (ie, more bullet magnetism, aim assistance). Simultaneously, they'll probably pull a Halo 5 with this and apply variable AA again, which will in turn make aim feel terrible. I haven't even spoken about the effects of other movement mechanics in tandem with all this crap, and sprint ALONE just gives me a headache. To me, Halo's mobility mechanics are absolutely the number one fish to fry. So, yeah, I completely understand why someone would wanna rage quit away from it all, especially if Halo was something you love.
  9. All I see is a puma. Don't know what you're talking about.

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