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  1. Blizzard was originally going to make Warhammer/40k games, but were denied licensing rights, in nutshell terms mind you. Starcraft/Warcraft used re-purposed assets from those projects. Both series were heavily inspired by Starship Troopers, with 40k taking even more inspiration from the movies Heavy Metal and Wizards, even the metal band Gwar.
  2. Gotta admire the commitment for such a meme gun. Although the MW2019 version isn't half bad, in comparison to the rest of the Snipers/DMRs it still pales.
  3. Gonna be blunt, but I fail to see the comparison. Calling Destiny's PvP an imperfect mess is an understatement, but aiming works, aim assistance is over tuned but intuitive, and movement tech is far more simplified. Halo 5 in comparison feels like clunky overcomplex dogshit where not even 60fps can save it. It has more in common with Advanced Warfare to me.
  4. I don't know about you guys, but I put damage out when I can, teammates help or no. It could result in an assist, force them into cover, or they'll attempt to fight down a shot or 2. Only if I'm actively trying to go for some deep ass flank would I hold off.
  5. Been binge watching Agents of Shield, had a good laugh. One of the characters was playing Halo 5, and he handed a 2nd controller off to another asking for a partner.
  6. I believe it's a port over map from Halo Online.
  7. Using blatant cheating methods to argue against assisting casuals at the game is being completely disingenuous. One of the most difficult hurdles for teaching new players chess is understanding piece movement. When you touch a piece in an online game, it reveals and highlights where it is capable of moving, thus allowing a player to skip straight into a game. This is a far better example.
  8. I wouldn't try to design games around handicaps, however I think it's a testament to good game design if you're game plays reasonably well without sound, barring some exceptions. Games are visual mediums afterall.
  9. I disagree. By using the weapon, they've shown their hand regardless, and it's only fair you understand exactly what you're up against. You may not have personally seen or heard a shotgun, but your teammate definitely did the hard way, and in an ideal environment would tell you anyway. The worse crime a detailed killfeed could pull is the information is overly redundant. Information isn't free if a player died for it.
  10. I'd tell them to ask Bungie, but they've been on some fuckshit too.
  11. I once thought sprint couldn't get any dumber, then MW2019 came out with "double-sprint". Like, you're sprinting but harder. I actually fucking face palmed.
  12. Isn't that price increase just rumored? Doubling the price of their service in relation to PS+ and crossplay sounds foolish. I could see a small increase, but double? Nah. Edit: Holy shit, was I wrong. That is not a great deal.
  13. I'm getting spammed by a lot obtrusive ads now on mobile, what gives?
  14. I'm muting him. Anyone else replying to him as well. Tired of reading his circus act spamming the forum with ignorant garbage. For fuck sake...
  15. ^Nobody touch that comment with a ten foot pole please.
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