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  1. This looks infinitely better than any Halo since NBNS Reach
  2. One of my friends bought an xbox one just for MCC. Felt really bad that it turned into a $400 paperweight.
  3. Not that it really mattered but why can the game end when the flag is out? Cmon 343
  4. I wish Halo 1-3 had this type of dev support tournament wise. It's one thing 343 has definitely gotten right.
  5. Halo Reach is now backwards compatible* *not really
  6. If it feels and looks dead.... it's probably dead.
  7. He's the head of Xbox, what is he supposed to say? Halo 5 blows?
  8. This is what Halo 4 and then stealing 60 dollars from your fans on your next game will do
  9. Are they ever going to make the aiming not feel like my reticle is stuck in mud?
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