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  1. Fair enough. But I've gotten to 2800 playing 90% of my games solo or with one other person with me, and am over +1000. Searching with a team is obviously ideal, but not necessary for success in a playlist. And you can always go into previous seasons and see people's ranks. But yes you are allowed to have your two cents and I'm not trying to argue at all. I just have my own criteria as to what I'm looking for, but I respect your opinion.
  2. Looking for a team. Please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. GT: I am Johng10 Will be on all weekend and every night to play. Please be passed Onyx 2000 at the very least, preferably higher.
  3. To3 very competitive players looking for a 4th for season 2. We were all 2100+ or 2200+ in arena and slayer before ranks reset. What we need in a 4th: Communicates well. Understands the game on the level that we understand the game if not better (we all understand the game very well) Is on when we are (6ish central time during the week, Wednesday is really the only day that doesn't work consistently, but we play all weekend). Someone we get along with and we can joke around with, doesn't take themselves too seriously, can have fun with our jokes. Can take criticism, and can give it too. No raging, don't be annoying. Smart We have all talked and we don't really want a kid who we need to teach everything to, we don't want to waste our time or yours. Message me on XBL, I won't be checking this post. GT: I Am Johng10 I won't put a minimum rank/CSR needed on this post, you should know from this if you meet our qualifications. Thanks everyone. If you ever need scrims for the future add me. I had a family event this weekend, and one of our teammates just completed a move and will be getting internet Monday. So tryouts will start as early as Sunday(tomorrow)/Monday evening. GT: I Am Johng10 Teammates Jaosean Doclov3
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