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  1. This got me more interested http://www.reddit.com/r/opticgaming/comments/52q3we/_/d7mk22x
  2. You mean the one that hit over 300k concurrent across all platforms in the final without OpTic?
  3. For the love of god please stop saying every single play is incredible or GREAT GREAT GREAT
  4. Liquid had control of almost every single power weapon that match and lost LOL WHAT
  5. Jfc man halo casters have a serious problem with over exaggerating average plays to a point where APG nearly gets an overkill (sick play) gets the same reaction as an average snipe from maniac the next game.
  6. Eh, more ALG playing like trash recently than OpTic improving a lot after yesterday's scrims.
  7. OpTic played well enough considering their circumstances. Now watch the viewers drop back to normal
  8. How many times are they going to say the phrase "OpTic Gaming going up against CLG" while they are clearly playing on screen?
  9. Strongside could improve a lot with some vocal lessons. Sounds like he struggles to get words out of his mouth half of the time.
  10. Ignoring stream struggles, this strongholds game was actually sick
  11. After watching ELEAGUE all day this stream is giving me an aneurysm. No one wants to watch 3rd person halo with mediocre casting. This is not how you start a pro league...
  12. Str8Sick goes on a sick spree against CLG and the entire thing is in 3rd person and we don't see most of the kills. This has to be a joke LOL
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