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  1. I'm pretty late to reply but I would like to be in this! (even if I have to pick last)
  2. I'm a bit late on this reaction but I'm still surprised Optic decided to drop Lifestyle. I agree Flame should be weighing his options for new teammates, I just think dropping Lifestyle off the bat was too fast of a decision. Chaser deserved to be dropped if I was being honest as I was not extremely impressed with his game at regional's. A team of FS/Maniac/Lifestyle and a player like Contra/Penguin's game style could really make some noise and make NA top 8. I'm pretty new to the Optic fan base and been watching their content so I'm still wishing for the best. Maybe I'm just a lifestyle fanboy B)
  3. Always lurking! I'm hoping to join in the discussion more this coming season My thoughts on the recent rostermania Suspector to EG - I'm a huge fan of Suspector's game and extremely excited to start watching his stream on a consistent basis. B) As everyone has agreed so far I think it's a better option than Commonly at this point but I feel as if EG is one of the teams that need to grind the hardest to get back on top. They need to have a fresh mindset on how they are going to play and I hope Suspector brings some light to the situation. Big fan of EG so I' hoping for the best. PS I don't blame Commonly for their disappointing result at Worlds. I really think we need pissed off Snipedown at every LAN for them to be completely dominant. Ninja/Vic X/Ogre 2/Commonly - They could use some more slaying power but Ogre 2 and Vic X could possibly mold Ninja into more of a better slayer than he is now. He gained my respect after worlds and I can see him carrying more of the slay power if he continues to play more passive and make the smart aggressive pushes. I also believe Commonly still learned a lot from playing from EG so his knowledge will carry over. I'm not completely confident that they can beat CLG at this point, but a top 5 team nonetheless. el Town/Unlegit/Spartan/Stellur - I will actually be really excited to see this team form if it is true. I'm not the biggest fan of Spartan because of his tilting (imo worst of any pro) but if he can keep his cool I can see this team being a poor mans CLG type of team. I'm confident in all four of these guys slaying power and I believe can run the same game style as CLG, just maybe not as effective. Communication would be key for this team. S/O to the Team Allegiance owner for that awesome response. And to everyone else on TB making this the site to be daily.
  4. FeelsBadMan for Ogre2 Denial are really entertaining to watch though. Bubu and Contra are great
  5. 100% agreed. Couldn't figure out who was keeping calm that entire time, I was really impressed
  6. Hey man thanks for replying. I sent you a message on XBL - but 9:30 PM EST tonight works great. We will be most likely getting on around 10 PM EST tonight so if you can run games tonight we will have a full team to run with. I hope to hear from you soon!
  7. First off I'd like to start that we both currently sit at a high diamond level. We play at a decent onyx level, as were onyx level last season but are struggling to find two teammates to constantly run with this season. If you are willing to look past this, read on. The only qualifications we have is that you are willing to Grind numerous hours, daily (times can be set between the four of us) Positive outlook. After every game we like to fix what we did wrong, or capitalize on what we did correctly *** Willing to look over game film and go over strategies Having a good time We were both solo searching players in team arena and after we teamed up we have found great chemistry and respect for each other. We hope we can find two more teammates that we can gain chemistry with so we can possibly hit the high onyx ranks and possibly even tournaments. We know it's a long time before we talk before all that but we are extremely dedicated right now to improve our game. We run a team first mentality, and would like to find players that we all can feed off each other in a positive way. Thanks for reading and you can reply to this topic or message me on xbox live to run some games. GT is bobbys love Hope to hear from some of you soon!
  8. I didn't get a friend request but I added you. I'll be online tonight message me whenever you have the time to run some games. No hard feelings either way, just thankful for the consideration!
  9. Hey man going to start off that I currently sit at diamond 5 in Team Arena but I have been Onyx in past seasons. Have not grinded much this season because of a lack of teammates, I'm 110% sure if I had a consistent group I'd be back in Onyx though. I hope you can see past this because I really like the mindset you have and I'll feel like I will fit in nicely. Would love to be apart of a team that goes over strategies, film, etc. I'm willing to take any role on the team also. If you are willing to give me a try out my GT is bobbys love. I hope to hear from you soon.
  10. Hey guys long time lurker, glad to finally be joining! Can I get an invite to the TB chat? Twitch: bobbyslove
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