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  1. I have this recording @ home, really interested in seeing what they say about it. saw a tweet from Moses earlier talking about the coincidence that ESPN is airing this a day before the E-League major. makes you wonder if there's any truth behind it , I would embed the tweet if I knew how to use these forums. I'm learning
  2. my life in 2 words. im just getting back into it with the new settings, been out of the loop for a bit. I suck. tyvm for the channel.
  3. do we know which Twitch channel STL is going to be streamed on? sorry if it's already been said and I missed it, +60 pages since the last time I checked this thread.
  4. I've gone through 3 Scufs, 2 Elites, and 1 Cinch. If I had to choose between a Scuf and an Elite, I'm choosing Scuf 10/10 times. The joysticks on the Elite, although responsive, are too responsive in my opinion. The paddles are also a lot easier to press than the Scuf, which I prefer, but the feeling of the joysticks > paddles any day of the week. Like Vetoed said, whatever you choose WILL break on you. My first Scuf broke within a couple of weeks. When I would click in the left joystick and push up, I would crouch walk backwards. My second Scuf lasted about 8 months, it broke last week with the same issue. I sent this Scuf in to get fixed and ordered a new one, and I'm fully expecting this new one to break in the future, as well. Both Elites had LB issues, which seems to be the issue with 99% of the defective Elites.
  5. what's the theory behind pros setting their xbox language to spanish/chinese/etc etc? assuming its another placebo, but I live for that shit.
  6. as long as they @ esportsarena so they can make back some of the $$ they lost hosting this event, it should be okay.
  7. good. we need more pros to speak on their thoughts regarding anything HCS. much respect to any of them willing to speak their mind to try and make this better for all of us.
  8. might be a little premature. I agree that 1.5-2k viewers is extremely low for an Official HCS LAN, but it was the FFA. I'd expect the viewership numbers to increase when the 4v4 starts and teams like OpTic/nV play. If we're only getting ~2k viewers during OpTic/nV games, then we can sound the alarm cause we'd have some fucking problems. EleGiggle pretty sure every point you made from this post would break some rule of HCS, more specifically would probably be considered a "player misconduct" offense, which falls under the category of a Penalty, which comes with the consequence of the loss of a veto and 5% prize money reduction. It would be extremely selfish of us to expect a pro team to protest in a way that could get them permanently fined by HCS.
  9. Always told myself the minute Comcast enforces data caps in Chicago, I'd switch. Unfortunately, AT&T is the only other option currently and they are now enforcing a 1TB limit unless you have the 1Gbps plan, which isn't available in my area yet. I use about 200GB a week, 800GB a month according to Comcast's "My Usage Meter". That's not including any 4K Netflix streaming, which I was about to sign up for within the next month. Why is this a thing?
  10. He talked about it a couple of pages back. Not the full post, but the part of the post that might answer your question.
  11. just being honest here...The only business reason that I can think of for not including LAN support is so that 343 could fully control Halo eSports. By not including LAN support, 343 basically put a choke hold on all tournament organizers, regardless if they're MLG big or local LAN center small. What's the point in other tournament organizers spending the money on venues, monitors, XB1's, staff, etc etc if you have to play on Live anyways? Save the money that you'd spend on live event necessities and increase the prize pool for an online league and/or tournaments, or just put that money towards other competitive shooters (GoW, CoD, CS) and move on. The only way to have a Halo 5 "LAN" tournament today is to have 343 provide you with private dedicated servers. How many other tournament organizations besides ESL are provided these private servers for events? That's serious question btw, I truly do not know if other LAN events such as UGC St Louis will be played on private dedicated servers or not.
  12. I've been saying Halo eSports needs MLG since the beginning of Halo 5, as a good percentage of you have been thinking or posting here, as well. From tagging @ during some of my drunk Twitter Halo rants (sorry about that), to random conversations I've had with old pros & competitors, I'm fairly confident that putting Adam and his staff at MLG in charge of Halo eSports again would help this community thrive and could potentially resemble something close to what it once was back in H2/H3. I've seen some posts floating around various forums over the year that read to me as if some people were assuming that all we would need to do is throw an MLG logo on Halo again and we're good to go...obviously that isn't realistic. 1) The revival of Halo eSports would never be an overnight process, and 2) what MLG did for Halo eSports goes way beyond just having their logo associated with it. There's one thing in particular that MLG did for competitive Halo back in the day that seems to be a huge issue today, though, and that's creating their own settings. H2 and H3 wasn't played on the sandbox game Bungie gave to us. In H2 it was no radar and no duals on map. In H3, it was no radar, no equipment, increased movement speed, and some forged maps. MLG created their own settings, forged some issues with Bungies maps (think The Pit base boxes), and then Bungie created "Team Hardcore" playlists with these settings/gametypes to let the community know that's the competitive playlist. MLG and the competitive community decided which settings/gametypes the competitive community would play, not Bungie. Today, it's the other way around. This post rambled on a bit longer than I wanted, so I'll wrap it up. I've been competing in/playing/following Halo eSports since 2004. I've done most, if not all of the things Tsquared mentioned in his post. The sad truth is that I dropped out of high school to try and pursue the dream of becoming a Halo pro back in the day. Did my dream ever come true? No, but I had my chances and regret nothing. There was something special about attending an MLG event and seeing the pro players wearing their Pro badges and relaxing in the Pro Player lounge prior to matches...it made you want it. It made you want to become better so you could have those benefits while at events. Now a days, the only benefit that I can see from being a Halo pro is some Twitter followers and a head start to a potential Twitch career. I believe the current state of Halo eSports is lacking a structure that makes the AM teams feel like they have a real chance at going Pro. I believe the current state of Halo eSports is lacking proper competitive settings. I dont believe ESL is at fault for this, I think they're just simply doing as they're told. Both of these issues I feel could be resolved by Adam & MLG if given the chance. Unfortunately, I personally wouldn't want Halo at this point if I was MLG...especially after being ignored the first time through. Sorry for the long post, love Halo eSports and want to see it succeed again.
  13. still playing these? just came back to h5 last week and was disappointed to see that radar is still a thing. GT: FoKuZz
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