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  1. What happened to ToX? Those 4 were unstoppable one year ago. Did Splyce players just improve that much or are the ToX guys regressing?
  2. so if he pulled the cord himself, then i don't feel bad, but if the controller just fucked up, then that's some shit.
  3. Okay so I haven’t followed much Halo in the past year now. Is Splyce really that much better than ToX squad now? Optic/CLG was unstoppable and I remember Splyce closing the gap, but didn’t know they were big favorites now. Also, what happened to certain pros, such as ContrA, Cratos, Roy? Any others I’m missing that don’t play anymore, besides Ninja?
  4. Hey where is the trump gif where guy hits him over head in WWe Ring and Obama is laughing? Tryna show a friend
  5. is there an updated bracket? I don't see any bracket with Str8 even in it
  6. Did I miss something? How is Str8 in the loser's bracket already? I checked out the bracket, but I only see AM teams in it
  7. I don't know you very well, but I've always wondered: what is with your unhealthy, neurotic obsession with spongebob? I'm just genuinely curious bc part of me is slightly creeped out when I browse these boards and see every post of yours contain a meme of a cartoon for 8-12 year-olds
  8. Lmao I'm getting a kick out of how salty T2 she getting with his team
  9. That's the coolest fucking story I've ever heard in my entire life! That's insane! Can I hear it again? Do you have time?
  10. Proud that he has a legitimate excuse to not let them eat or leave their rooms for a month after that loss
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