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  1. Not played halo 5 for several months now, and I can still remember having nightmares about this issue. I have very low ping 5-15 ms on average in every game I play on console and pc and also have 100down 18up on a connection with literally no jitter/noise. Only on halo 5, doesn't happen in any other game and It may be a feature of 'lag compensation' as every 2-3 games I played I felt like my aim went to s***, and made me feel that my aim is inconsistent. This demotivated me to stop playing the only game I played for the better part of a decade for several hours per day, yet when I play other games on both console and pc I have a consistently strong/accurate aim. More notably on overwatch on console where I had one of the highest weapon accuracy for hitscan heroes in the world (Mcree etc.) before I stopped playing that as well. All the evidence (at least for me) is there to back up the theory that there is an aiming issue with halo 5.
  2. Is the eu scene still playing this game, if so are we using these settings? Would like to get back into halo as I miss the thing to death, but I refuse to support 343s dreadful decisions where halo 4/5 is concerned and refuse to play MM. These settings might just bring me back if enough people are playing.
  3. Feel free to add me on overwatch both on pc and xbox @ Scotchyy & Scotchy#2872, currently rank 59.
  4. This looks awesome, hopefully it doesn't suck like overwatch.
  5. High level swat player (5 star 50 halo 3) looking to set up a swat team. Looking for players with similar skill to myself so HMU @ scotchyy
  6. What about those the quit the build so they don't have to play reptide etc. Removing this feature will hurt all those players just trying to play the correct settings, so I suggest you rethink that and come up with a better solution than what you have.
  7. High onyx player looking for customs, Im from Europe but I play during American time zones I.e. 5pm eastern time, 3pm Pacific rime onwards so HMU if you don't mind being dominated by an angry Scotsman @ Scotchyy Peace out mofos
  8. sorry that i couldn't make it on wednesday, couldn't get my kid settled. Hopefully be there next time.
  9. Looking for a team to run mm with, any timezone is fine as long as you know how to play at a high level. Gamertag: Scotchyy
  10. Yo what's up man, been playingg halo since halo 2 and competitively since halo 3. I have gone from strength to strength since then from being on several teams and and competing at local lan events, and now that I have the feel for halo 5 I'm looking to make the plunge and get myself on a team and grind it out and compete at events. I'm a well rounded slayer with an aggressive playtime, a lot of map knowledge, really good at timing weapons and powerups, exellent teamshot, listening skill and I'm very alert. I have the drive and the time needed to be on a top team if I find the right group of guys. You can contact me via here, twitter @radiant_scotchy or over xbl @Scotchyy, HMU asap!
  11. Looking for med-high onyx players for MM, currently low onyx in everything atm but I was 1800+ last time around in arena, slayer and ffa. GT: Scotchyy
  12. I'm still getting this issue even during peak hours, its actually stopping me from playing the game.
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