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  1. I wouldn't say it was an accident. That's discrediting the hard work of Hardy & Michael Evans. It was competitive because the game itself became very popular, riding along the success of Microsoft's jump into the console gaming market and the Xbox Console. Aside from that, the game was revolutionary as console shooters played with two analog sticks was considered batshit crazy at the time. And of course, the game itself was very fun and being able to have up to 16 people play it, is part of what helped make the game so popular. There's a lot of reasons why it became competitive, none of them were accidents
  2. Yea yea I get what you're saying. As far as the base philosophy, that's what I think would be best for games to start with. I'm not a designer so take that for what it is. I think from that base philosophy, game designers should then add depth, variety, and if the game gets popular then it will be played at a high level. That's a basic vision of how I see things haha! Glad you enjoy the channel!
  3. Azurik Rise of Perathia was an Xbox Exclusive game. I never played it but I remember seeing trailers for it on some of my old Xbox discs! Look it up!
  4. What's funny is trying to play Halo 5 without an Elite or modded controller is so impractical. There's no way you can handle all the complexity just by holding the normal controller in a standard manner. I think that's a big part of making a game too hard to play. Or at least feel like you can control it.
  5. I think the best philosophy for making a game is to make it as fun as possible. As simple as that sounds, if the game has good mechanics, people love it, and it gets popular, then there will be players who want to be the best at it. Halo doesn't need to be made to be competitive, it just needs to be made as a good, fun game. In my opinion
  6. From what I remember the other times I've talked to him, it's one of those things where you work on something for a long, long time. Once you're finished, you kind of don't want to play the game you've been working on. Does that make sense? He was more or less, done with working/playing the Halo games.
  7. Thing is, the video was already long enough. And once Hardy left Bungie, he's told me he never really played Halo games from Halo 3 & onwards. There can always be another video though!
  8. Custom games! Don't worry, we'll get to boarding action soon enough
  9. Hey all! By an incredible stroke of luck, I was able to meet the Lead Designer of Halo CE, and he helped design parts of Halo 2, Hardy Lebel. We talked in Seattle around the time of PAX, and he turned out to be really cool! I told him I had a YouTube channel and that it would be awesome to have him be in a video! So I finally got around to finishing that interview and posting it on my channel, The Act Man. Figured the Halo Fans here on TeamBeyond would especially enjoy this! And any Halo fan would get a real kick out of all his stories, secrets, behind the scenes stuff, and insight into the Halo game that started it all. One of my questions was heavily inspired by the vocal community here, and the fans that think Halo CE has the best multiplayer in the series! Now you can hear what the man who created it thinks about that! Among many other things. There's so many awesome stories he tells and I thought all you Halo fans would enjoy it! Here's the link: Let me know what you all think! Also, time stamps for all the discussion points are in the description and the pinned comment! ENJOY!
  10. Halo 5 has huge potential with custom games and forge, and so many people have made incredible maps. I'm sure we've all seen flapjack frenzy! However, there is a fatal flaw with custom games that prevents a lot of maps from being played the way they were meant to be.Player stats/traits are the same for EVERYONE! There are no leader traits in Halo 5, or any way to make one spartan/team different from another! This severely limits and game types/maps that require one or more players to be stronger or weaker than another. One example is Slenderman, where one player is supposed to be the invulnverable Slender Man that hunts the other players as they run and hide.But if the Slender Man is invulnerable, then so is everyone else. So players have to use honor rules for this to work. This fatal flaw prevents a lot of maps and game types from being played properly and I hope 343 sees this because it is such a small, manageable addition that would add SO MUCH to Halo 5's Custom games, and Forge.I go into more detail in this video:
  11. Yea that's a good point! Something as small as having your friends on the side of the main menu makes all the difference!
  12. Thanks man! Yea the req bugs happen WAAAY too often! And since the whole game revolves around these reqs, bugs that prevent using reqs are utterly game-breaking!
  13. I think we can all agree that Halo 5's User Interface is lacking crucial features like post-game medals, Spartan Company integration, and is also plagued with a number of game-breaking glitches. When compared to the U.I's in past Halo games like Reach, Halo 3, and Halo 2, the User Interface in Halo 5 seems pretty mediocre. My questions for you guys: Why Is Halo 5's User Interface so bad? Why did 343i not simply copy the obviously successful formula that Bungie had? Will 343i do anything about it? I made my own video on this subject, here's the link:
  14. The Spartan Laser is seriously lacking in Halo 5. I think most people have noticed it by now, but it borders on the line of being utterly broken. The hit detection and Magnetism are horribly unreliable. In the Video below I show how the Spartan Laser can't even kill Spartans sometimes! It desperately needs to be fixed ASAP and I hope that happens in the next update.
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