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  1. If they throw it on PC and literally come to Beyond to bow down and kiss the feet of all the CE kids and then proclaim to the Halo community that they cannot make a decent Halo game for the life of them... there might be a chance.
  2. I think random spread in Halo 3 was a great idea and added to the skillgap.
  3. Lmao... Why is anyone still playing this game? (Not trying to be smug, genuine question.) If I want a Warzone experience, I'd play a game that does it better like Battlefield. If I want a competitive experience, I'd play a game that does it better like CSGO. If I want a mobile experience, I'd play a game that does it better like the recent CoDs. What unique experience does Halo offer anymore?
  4. Levels in CEA looked amazing. However the lack of new assets such as the recycled wraith and enemy models showed some laziness. For future Halo titles I'd love to see either the Reach or H2A campaign art style.
  5. Battlefield 1's operation mode disgraced Warzone in every aspect. There is literally no point for the Warzone kids to stick around.
  6. Any thoughts on the gunfighter magnum replacing the default? Reminds me of the beta pistol.
  7. Quick question for Astro users. When using your headset on a PC, is the audio coming out of the voice volume? I cant hear anything from the game volume, but can hear gameplay audio from the voice volume. The gameplay mixers of my headset works fine while playing Halo 5 for example.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZkgKcD2oKo Daily cancer post. "If you don't like sprint, just don't use it." "We're all spartans for christ sake." "I love it, it makes me feel like a spartan." "Just go and play Halo 3." Literally every stereotype is present in this video.
  9. At least you have locals that still play Halo. I bought my buddy (Whom was also a MM warrior) a copy of Halo 5. He logged 1 game of arena, looked at me with utmost disappointment, and inserted his black ops 3 disk.
  10. If that's the case I'd rather play a game that's fun, not realistic.
  11. No doubt that they love making games. But it's hard to believe that they can make a "successful" game without the Halo name smeared on the cover. Didn't some of the multiplayer designers from 343 leave to make their own company? It's like they think they have talent or something.
  12. This guy is going pretty hard in terms of freaking out about the 5. Not sure what he's doing but it's something along the lines of, "I HAD TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH I COULDN'T LET THE FANS DOWN!" (Almost having a breakdown in the process.) It's a bit late for the aggressive stances.
  13. When their throwing ideas around in the board room, how does this bubble up to the top? "Lets take the already shitty lunge system and build on it!"
  14. The only sick satisfaction I receive from playing Halo 5 is stealing little Jimmy's Nornfag. Everything else is dead to me.
  15. HW1 was pretty small scale for an RTS but this is just rediculous.
  16. Rooster Teeth guys doing this thing where I guess you have to load up a game on the Xbone, Update it, and get five shotgun kills. 12:25 (Reveals his plan) 13:40 (Trying to sign in a guest) 15:20 (Comes to the realization that Halo no longer has split screen) why 343
  17. why the fuck does the BR and snipe have so much magnetism. I can literally put the controller to my ass and still manage a kill with it.
  18. I usually just pretend Halo's story stopped after 3. Also who the hell writes this script? 33:55. Am I the only one who finds that dialogue cringey?
  19. I wish 343 actually played their own fucking game.
  20. We did it guys, we made it. (Honorable Mentions)
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