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  1. I made a similar post awhile back( look on page 2), and the general consensus was that it's not amazing but has the potential to change with it being tied to MLG, large fan base and Dev support. Like you, I'm a hardcore halo guy who is waiting for H5! My suggestion is see if the majority of friends are playing and then buy accordingly. Friends make even shitty games fun lol
  2. Another quick question.. how's blops2 population size in relation to ghosts? Would it be safe to say that ghosts will have a longer lifespan?
  3. That's great news! That's exactly exactly what I want to do! Kill time till halo 5!
  4. I heard that they removed some of those features to reduce lag or something along those lines? Was blops connection that bad? And if what they say is true I dont mind their removal if decreases lag
  5. Yeah it does suck that they are missing some key competitive components, but some of those components can be fixed. Would you say its wayyy better than mw3?
  6. Do you feel its really better than blops 2? I've been hearing the opposite! Lol
  7. Thanks for all the advice, its pretty cheap now due to all the sales, I might just pick it up. Thank god the killstreaks arent as OP as they used to be, that was always a pain in the ass lol Most of the time id hope to play somewhat competitive matches so ill def check out the hardcore playlist, and mlg when it comes out! Everyone loves a good troll so im glad I have that option lol
  8. Thanks for your speedy response! Ive also heard similar complaints about the lack of small maps but as long as the netcode is good, maps will surely follow right? Even with all its current problems, its a mlg shooter whether we like it or not so shouldn't that mean it will have some longevity and good dev support?
  9. Hey ive been out of the gaming scene for the past few months( Out of the country), and I was wondering what the general consensus is on ghosts? Is it fun, competitive, "supposedly different from the rest"? A little background on myself: im a pretty hardcore halo person, always loved the franchise and the competitiveness of series. However halo 4 customs arent really cutting it anymore lol I've played blops 1 and mw3 and I like those games, I just was never that good in them ( in comparison to how I am im halo). Oh also I heard whispers about a new blops so idk if I should hold out? Thanks in advance
  10. I agree but sadly all everyone ever wants to play is Ricochet on Pitfall. 12 games deep and still haven't gotten to play anything on Vertigo!:'(
  11. Only complaint(which isn't really a complaint) is the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to play anything on Veritgo! :'( Ive played about 12 games so far and they've all been Ricochet on Pitfall. I like the gametype, but Veritgo Extraction seems just as tempting! lol
  12. Well we kinda tried this out from HR--> H4, and it worked but its not strong enough. With the addition of the new armor mod, the chances of that working becomes even lower...UNLESS.. they make it so unless you have the perk, you will stop 90%-100% or whatever, and if you DO have the perk, you will only be reduced to a little more then we currently are.
  13. If its removed then we can rejoice, but lets just keep our fingers crossed lol
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